To Do List

I love a good list, nothing makes me happier than crossing off items on my to do list.  Except the joy of actually writing said list.  Beside my laptop is an ever changing list of projects and goals I have for the house.  From the tiny, like changing cabinet hardware in the bathroom to major, a list of tile choices for the laundry room.   So I decided to make a major list of it all because I’m a crazy person to keep me organized.  As things get done (aww yeah!) I will cross them off.  Please enjoy in its listy-ness.

Living Room & Entry

  • Paint Walls Wheeling Neutral HC-92
  • Replace Sofa
  • New Area Rug
  • Woven Blinds
  • Cocktail Table
  • Window Treatments
  • Artwork above sofa
  • Frame prints for entryway
  • New light fixture
  • Paint or replace end table
  • Paint front door black

Dining Room

  • Paint Walls Wheeling Neutral HC-92
  • Chairs for around dining table
  • Finish sideboard project
  • Mirror for above sideboard
  • Light fixture for above table
  • Table lamp for sideboard
  • Area Rug
  • Repair frame on thrift store painting


  • Ikea Dockstra Table
  • Two chairs for around table
  • Low bookcase with some closed storage
  • Wall shelves
  • New desk
  • Area rug
  • Desk lamp
  • Black shade for table lamp
  • Inspiration Board
  • Paint Walls BM Hibiscus 2027-50

Guest Bedroom

  • Paint Walls BM Plymouth Brown HC-73
  • Paint nightstand
  • Window treatment
  • Woven area rug
  • Round mirror above dresser
  • Table lamp for nightstand

Master Bedroom

  • Select paint color
  • New frame for print above dresser
  • New bedside lighting
  • Floor lamp beside chair
  • Upholstered tufted headboard


  • Repair crack in wall
  • New lighting to replace old
  • Two mirrors for above sink
  • Paint cabinets creamy white
  • Select paint color


  • Paint trim
  • Hardwood floor

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