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Shot In The Arm

27 Feb

I need a kick in the pants after this weekend.  Work was crazy and the post I intended for yesterday is not going to work. Due to technical difficulties and my wackyness perfectionist tendencies. 

With that said, some big bold color is needed to start the week off right.  


Lots and lots of color

Jenna Lyons

I want to go here and I need that lounge.

Jonathan Adler

Perfect on a black glossy floor.

French chair livened up with yellow leather/vinyl

Always loved this nook

Mary McDonald

All via my Pinterest.

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Design Board Happenings

20 Feb


I was all set to have a big giant inspiration board ready for today’s post.  However, after several attempts this is as big as it gets people.  Remember I AM NOT a graphic designer, I just play one one this here blog.

Above is what I would do if I had a gazillion dollars to spend and could just buy from 1st dibs like it was my job.  In my mind this is what my office would look like.  All pretty, sparkly glam, modern and traditional at the same time.   Here sherbet colors and fabrics would mingle with a brass 1970’s screen and a chinoiserie table lamp can cohabitant with a burnt orange and purple velvet stripe toss pillow. Aw yeah.

  Notice my favorite discontinued Jane Churchill fabric on the antique black bench.  So perfectly wonderful in a small doses.

Despite the technical difficulties this was too much fun and I will continue to create mood/design/inspiration boards for your viewing pleasure.  Go HERE to see a larger view.

By the end of the week part two of the office will be up and ready.

Wait till you see the deck and office chair.

Spring Is Coming…..Soon

17 Feb

Did you notice that it is staying lighter longer in the evenings?  Well, up here in Pennsylvania it is.  This fact makes me very very happy.  It will soon be March and winter will be over and done with!

Till then we can all partake in the bright splendid color below.

via Pinterest

Apartment of Ivanka Trump via Little Green Notebook

via 1st Dibs

Katie Ridder

Phillip Gorrivan via Pinterest

Yeah ok I had an aqua and mustard yellow moment.  I got no issues with that.

Have an awesome weekend!

Kate Spade Spring 2012

2 Feb

Okay this only came out today but I’m already completely obsessed.

Brand spanking new Spring 2012 campaign from Kate Spade New York.  What is not to love about this.  Brightly saturated hues of tangerine and hot pink mixed with a graphic black and white Japanese fan prints.  Very very cool.  It’s a little bit sexier than other looks Kate Spade has done in the past but still has their sense of fun.

They were inspired by the bold patterns of Australian artist Florence Broadhurst. Who after living quite a colorful and varied life moved back to Australia and opened a wallpaper studio…..in 1959!  Looking at her offerings online they seem so current to me.  Check out the Kate Spade blog  for more she is the lady that moved them to make this the year of pattern.  Can’t wait to see more!

Jade Green Is Good

30 Jan

Jade green is one of my favorite colors.  After seeing Emily Blunt, who I absolutely love by the way, in jade green Oscar de la Renta at the SAG awards. I simply can not get that color out of my mind. The whole look is simple and lovely with just the right amount of sparkle.

via imdb.com

I was looking through my Pinterest boards and I pin this shade quite a bit.  Lets take a look shall we.  I think is the perfect thing for a Monday afternoon.

via Bright Bazarr

via Mimi & Meg blog from Living Etc.

via Style By Emily Henderson blog

via Studio Annetta blog designed by Steven Gambrel

Stella & Dot

via Full House Blog designed by Celerie Kimble

via the Decorista

Martha Stewart

via Chinoserie Chic blog

Anyone else have color they can’t get out of their mind or thoughts on the SAG awards.  I did not actually get to watch. So of course looked online first thing this morning to see who won for best director of a short form documentary what fashion I missed.

Katie Ridder For The Win

18 Nov

Want this book!

It includes this room!

Acid green walls and a disco ballish light fixture mixed with classic bird prints, oh and let’s throw in a graphic area rug and a blue gray mid century credenza while we are at it.  I am obsessed with this space!  All of these elements are kind of crazy on their own but together they are design magic.  It feels like a elegant dining room space even though everything is so bold, you could have a lovely dinner party here.  That would be a good time!

The designer, Katie Ridder is one of my favorites her work constantly inspires me!  It is modern but classic at the same time, bright and colorful but not over the top crazy.  Also, the furniture and art pieces she selects are interesting themselves. I feel like a lot of thought went into every single detail.  Below are some more pics from the book.  I was going to ask for it for Christmas but I don’t think I can wait that long.  Enjoy!

Teal and Gold

25 Aug

Today at Forever 21 (yes, I was the oldest person there) I spied a teal and gold studded bracelet. Naturally I don’t have a picture and it is not on their website.  I’ve been really into that color combination lately.  I think it stems from my Mom’s love of turquoise jewelry. She has this fantastic ring I have been obsessed with since I was five.  But even my Pinterest has quite a few pics featuring these two hues together.

Inspire Bohemia.blogspot.com

Lovely aqua grasscloth wallpaper had me a hello!  Paired with a strong ornate mirror and gold chair gives it more of a masculine edge. If I had a vanity, that chair would be mine.

From Tom Ford

Again, If I had a vanity, this would be there as well.  Not to use, just for the bottle. So I can stare at it.

High Street Market blog

Love this deep dark teal, such a glamorous color!  The green faux bois rug and wing chair keep the room from being so serious.  Just a hint of gold on the chair and picture frames gives it some spark.


This is a departure from what style I usually lean toward but the colors are so striking.  Also, really liking that print in the glided frame.


Little bit of a Moroccan feel here.  That basin is beautiful against the teal walls. Loving the fuchsia accents.

From Massucco Warner Miller

More teal and gold on a chandelier no less.  When they say jewelry for your home I think this is what they mean.


Pretty floral shaped knob.  See this working on a antique dresser finished in a medium tone.


Such a cool vintage piece. Like that it still has that kind of beat up look to it.


I think this maybe one of my favorite console tables, maybe ever.  If I had a entryway that could handle such a piece it would be there in all it’s teal and gold glory.  Or it could function as a bar, hmmm.

Things to ponder while we are pounded by rain and wind this weekend.  Stay safe out there people!