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Andy Cohen Makes Me Smile

31 Jul

I have an unhealthy love of all things Bravo.  Flipping Out, Rachel Zoe, Top Chef, Million Dollar Decorators, etc, etc.  Oh yes bring it on,  if it is a weekend marathon even better, one right after another slowly chipping away my motivation and will.    However, nothing holds a candle to the Real Housewives.  Every time I say I won’t watch I do, like a pile up on the freeway I can not look away.  I realize how bad it is.  These women are vain, snarly, self absorbed and just plain mean to one another.  Well most of them anyway.

On the last New York reunion it was almost unwatchable.  The way they went after each other for the most  petty of reasons.  Kelly (batshit crazy that one) said something about Sonia’s dirty townhouse and Sonia called her out on it.  Kelly acted like nothing happened and started babbling nonsense about being named Como’s nicest celebrity. Or something to that effect.  So once again I wrote these crazy ladies off, said no more.  Till I found this:

Oh I can tell it is going to be a good season a very good season indeed.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend and slut pigs to all!