Decorating Consultation

This service is perfect if you do not know where to start with a design project or are just finishing up and need some help with the last few details.  We can work together for a whole afternoon or just an hour or two, the time frame is up to you Below is a list of needs you may have where a design consultation would be beneficial.

Paint Color/Wallpaper Selection

Finish Selection


Not Sure Where To Place Furniture You Have Recently Purchaced

Unsure of what size sofa, dining room table, dresser, etc. is needed for your room

Are You Looking To Finish A Space But Need Help With The Last Few Details

A Bit Unsure Where To Begin With A Decorating Project

Looking To Add or Subtract Pieces To A Space

Fee: $20 Per Hour or $100 for whole day (6 hours)


Floor Plan Drawing

This service would first begin with an in home appointment.  While in home we would discuss the room in question and your needs for that space.  I would take detailed measurements and pictures.  Then another in home appointment would be scheduled. From there, back to my office I will go and create a floor plan drawn to 1/4 inch scale.  The floor plan would show all window openings, air vents, electrical sockets, and other important details of the room.  And of course  include  all furniture that would work in the space spatially and be tailored to fit your needs.

At the second in home appointment, the finished floor plan would be presented and we would go over details of the space, size restraints, and any questions you may have.  I would give you a folder with three copies of the floor plan.  Two with furniture, one without.  Also, included a list of furniture pieces used and their corresponding sizes.  This can assist you while shopping  so you can have all the information at hand and know exactly what pieces to look for!

Fee: $50 per room includes all above services


Full Service Design

The whole shebang in a nutshell!  This is perfect if you are looking at having a whole room redecorated, floor to ceiling.  Lamps to throw pillows!

First an initial in home consultation.  There we would talk about the room, what your needs and wants are and your goals for the space.  Also,we would discuss what colors, finishes, and decor you desire.  Even what you don’t like.  Most importantly we would talk budget. How much you want to invest.  I work with budgets large and small, whatever you feel comfortable with.  If your not sure, we can come up with a budget together, again based on your needs.

From there I go to work.  Pulling together a plan based on everything we discussed above.  I bring together fabric, finish, paint, furniture, etc. that fits you and your room.  Mood boards detailing selections are created to demonstrate how everything works together.  Also, scaled floor plans are drawn up to illustrate furniture chosen. (for more information on floor plans see above section).

At second appointment, I will present my selections for your space.  Together, we will discuss all details and any questions or concerns you may have.  Once all details are ironed out we can move forward and begin the buying process.  I can be at your side acting as a project manager.  Accompany you to showrooms, furniture stores, thrift and antique shops, places like Home Depot and Homegoods.  Also, taking care of instillation and overseeing set up as items arrive.  Or you can take the plan and information and go on your own.  Whatever you fell comfortable with.  I would be available if any questions or needs arise.

Fee: depends on size and scope of project.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions

Central Pennsylvania and Reading Area

Amesbury Road Interiors

Jeannie Riley


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