Spring Is Coming…..Soon

17 Feb

Did you notice that it is staying lighter longer in the evenings?  Well, up here in Pennsylvania it is.  This fact makes me very very happy.  It will soon be March and winter will be over and done with!

Till then we can all partake in the bright splendid color below.

via Pinterest

Apartment of Ivanka Trump via Little Green Notebook

via 1st Dibs

Katie Ridder

Phillip Gorrivan via Pinterest

Yeah ok I had an aqua and mustard yellow moment.  I got no issues with that.

Have an awesome weekend!


More Glossy Goodness

16 Feb

I know I posted about my obsession with lacquered walls last week but you must take a look at this.

Spied last evening on the blog A {Little} Dash of Ash.

  Deep glossy navy walls along with a brown checkerboard wood floor creates some major contrast.  The wood along with the white ceiling keep it from being dark and moody.  Also, everything here looks like it was chosen with care from the artwork to the  peices on the console.  Yeah, that console is awesome too.  Love that the molding and trim are the same color as the wall. It makes the space seem larger.

I was curious, did my research and found it is the apartment of  Todd Romano, published in Architectural Digest back in February 2011.  The space is a tiny studio in New York but the color scheme is big and bold.  Lots of color against glossy navy which are throughout the WHOLE space.  Pay close attention to the red stacking trays,  lime green velvet chairs and an amazing collection of art. Oh it is so so good!

Images via Architectural Digest & A {Little} Dash of Ash blog

Photography by Thomas Loof

Domino & Pink

13 Feb

Since it is Valentines Day tomorrow I thought I would post on two things that I love:

The color pink and Domino magazine. 

You probably all know about THIS joyful news. Domino is coming back, sort of….they are publishing a special edition called Quick Fixes which will be available this Spring.  From the sound of it it will feature photos from the original magazine along with tutorials on how to achieve some of the decor ideas shown in said photos.  Stay tuned it all goes down April 17th.

Domino certainly delivered on giving the color pink it’s due.  Enjoy!

I always loved the covers Domino. Back then it was a breath of fresh air in the shelter magazine world.  They used fresh and modern fonts, graphics and photography that was not so staged.  No fancy stuff uppity couples here people. Oh and they featured pink…a lot.

 I am having a major flash back right now. I remember reading Domino at my desk when I worked at the furniture store when I was in my early-ish twenties.  I got in trouble for reading when I should have been doing client work.  Aw, memories. Do you have any Domino related nostalgia…do tell!

Some Things For Your Friday

10 Feb

Happy Friday party people! 

This is a working weekend so no fun times for me.   Posting will be slim to none.  Sads.

But I would like to share some goods I found, things I came upon throughout the week.  Such has a new cupcake bakery that just opened….a mile from my house!

via Sublime Cupcakes-Lititz, PA Facebook page

The ones above are Hot Coco but there are way more flavor delights to choose from such as chocolate caramel pretzel.  Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and pretzel pieces and caramel drizzle….. so so good!

Okay, enough about dessert lets get to the reallllly good stuff.

Such as:

Windsor Smith from Veranda Magazine via Shelter Interior Design


via Parlour Blog

In Yo Face

via Pinterest

But of Coarse

via How Do I Love Thee

How Could I Forget

via Aestate.com

This One Too

via Belclaire House Blog

Last but certainly not least

Rita Konig via Pinterest

So I want to see some interaction on this here blog. Which space do you like?  Thoughts?

Ponder please while I work this weekend and have a cupcake or two on my behalf!


Colorful Picture Matting

9 Feb

I have been coveting the below photo for quite sometime.

Photo by Ann Schlechter via Coastal Living

It is from Coastal Living but I cannot find anymore info on the room.  Cause I would LOVE to see the rest of it.  You see it is not just the vintage chairs, I imagine they were picked up for a steal at some wonderful out of the way antique shop or flea market then given new life with white spray paint.  Yes, these are the things I wonder about.  And it is not the cozy banquette seating oh no it is the those magazine advertisements framed with pink matting!  If someone had the creativity to use pink I want to see what else is going on in their space!

I gave me some much needed inspiration for our sad plain jane entryway.  It’s not really sad I’m just bored with it. But that is a post for another day. Till then here is some more colorful matting for your Thursday evening.

Lonny Magazine via Luxe + Lillies

via everything LEB

Thomas Cary’s apartment via New York Social Diary

Thomas Cary’s apartment via New York Social Diary

*Still from the film Indiscreet via Habitually Chic

I have never seem this movie, which stars Ingrid Bergman, but this interior set has me intrigued.

from Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick via Chinoiserie Chic


All Lacquered Up

6 Feb

Saturday evening conversation over takeout Chili’s brought with gift card leftover from Christmas.

ME-“Maybe I should lacquer the walls in the bathroom since ya know we are going to have to replace the drywall”

Tim-Tim-“What are you talking about and who would take the time to do that?”

ME-“Welllll, there was this article in the new Elle Decor……”

Tim-Tim-blank stare/eyes glazed over thinking about the Patriots (they lost btw but Madonna was amazing)

Nothing says  glamorous like lacquered walls.  Rich, layered and dense especially when done in a dark moody color.  This is the perfect thing to bring a little shin to your Monday morning.

One of my favorites deep electric blue by Eric Cohler & Jennifer Mason from Traditional Home.

Love this stairway. Crisp vertical lines then alternating black and white on the stairs.  Black gloss on the woodwork.

via 1st Dibs photo archives

Layered, masculine with a green velvet sofa and leopard pillows.

via Pinterest

More high gloss black from interior designer Tommy Smyth.

Lets go completely the opposite end of the color spectrum and throw in some orange glossy goodness.  The draper chest looks amazing when paired with this wall shade.

via Aestate.com

More navy blue lacquer.  I never tire of this.

via Pinterest

Up to the ceiling with high gloss white.  A lovely bedroom is made all the more glam. I think ceiling paint makes it feel bigger and more open.

via Aestate.com

Another lovely room traditional and feminine then bam! glossy lemon yellow on the ceiling.

via Apartment Therapy

Jackie Astier in Elle Decor

3 Feb

I had a post all planned out but then the March Elle Decor came out and that idea naturally went out the windowOn page 120 begins this fabulous spread of editor Jackie Astier’s New York Apartment.  It includes lots of brass and gold, grass cloth wallpaper, a glitzy 19th century chandelier, burled wood, Cole & Son wallpaper in the kitchen, fur rugs, bright pink vintage suzani bed spread and 1940’s french dining chairs covered in cobalt blue velvet.  And if that doesn’t excite you maybe the 10 coats of deep aubergine lacquer on the dining room walls will.

It is fricking fantastic!  A amazing mix of new and old. Classic and modern at the same time and oh so chic.  Of note many of the furniture pieces were sourced through Ebay!  You can find anything there if you have patience, time and some good detective skills

All via Design Crisis blog Photography by Eric Piasecki

I could not find all of the pictures online.  Hopefully Elle Decor will post soon for your viewing/pinning pleasure.  Till then run out and buy the magazine.   I have only been able to flip through but I can tell it is going to be a very very good one indeed. 

Anyway, have a super weekend I am off work so I may do some thrifting tomorrow.  Will post what goods I spy while out and about.  Can not wait.