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Animal Print of the Month-February

23 Feb

Being that this is the time of love and all (Okay I know Valentines Day was over 10 days ago) I wanted the February animal print of the month to be one of my favorites.


via Lonny Magazine June/July 2010

This is the lovely bedroom nook of designer Elizabeth Bauer and I have been in love ever since I came upon it in Lonny over two years ago.

Using Rose Cummings blue and white Zebrine paper on the walls and ceiling gives the area a cozy vibe.  Even though the nook is basically part of the seating area it feels like it’s own separate space.  Such a smarty pants idea for a room that needs to serve two different purposes.  This Elizabeth Bauer knows what is going on.

So pretty are those D. Porthault bed linens. It would be like your bed was sprinkled with candy colored confetti.  Very very expensive french confetti.  Honorable mention going out to those pink lamp shades, great use of color and another excellent idea for a tiny room.  Can’t fit a table lamp, use a swing arm wall sconce.  

The whole studio apartment is feminine, eclectic and oh so pretty and colorful.  Sometimes you just need some pretty. But definitely not your everyday typical pretty.

All via Lonny June/July 2010   Design by Elizabeth Bauer

Photography by Patrick Cline


Animal Print of the Month-January

27 Jan

I’m totally ready for Spring to be here. In PA The sun has not peaked out for daysIt makes me want to hibernate in our bedroom and not come out till mid March when there is hope at last that Winter will  soon be over.

However, if I had the space below it would not be so bad.  Scroll down there is leopard print carpet to be had!

via originally published by Veranda Magazine

 This lovely bedroom space was designed by the most excellent Miles Redd.  Minty De Gournay wallpaper is pretty, glamorous and elegant, really just fricking amazing.  All that intricate detail.  Then he goes and mixes in leopard print Stark carpet, bold yellow table lamps and boxy mirrored side tables.  Love it, very ladylike but the harder textures give it an edge.

I have to admit I’m not over the whole mirrored furniture trend, by the way.  When it is done unexpectedly and it is just one interesting piece.  This is more modern and sexy not the frenchy look that is everywhere. 

I think I could hang out here till March with no problem.  Oh that is when Mad Men returns and about time too.  It would not be so bad watching the premiere with that carpet underfoot!

Animal Print of the Month-December

11 Dec

It is time for the all important Animal Print of the MonthI have decided to give a little gift since this is the season of giving after all.  What is the gift you may ask-just the animal print of the month for December!

Feast your eyes on this.

& this

& a little bit of that

This fabric/wallpaper print is Scalamandre’s Zebras and it completes me a little bit.  If you read any interior design blogs this is probably pretty familiar to you.  It is everywhere right now but been in production since the 1930’s.  I think maybe that is why it feels so classic and timeless to me.  However it definitely packs a graphic modern punch.  Put Zebras in a small space like a powder room or walk in closet and make interior magic happen.  Much better in small doses where you can admire the tiny details, like the arrows.

Check out the movie The Royal Tenenbaums where it makes a cameo appearance.  Only I would watch a movie for wallpaper.  Anyway, check out the goods.

Massucco Warner Miller

Kate and Andy Spade’s apartment

Miles Redd

Jamie Meares

Look at that umbrella, would it not be perfect in the middle of January, on a cold gray snowy day.  A ray of classic art deco sunshine! 

Animal Print of the Month-August

13 Aug

So I have been thinking  about my office pin board lately.  Do I want to cover it in cream colored linen or do I want to go the complete opposite and chose a crazy pattern.  I have to consider that it will be filled with notes and pictures so I don’t want them to get lost in a sea of pattern.  Or maybe I should just finish the other 5 house project that are going on.  That would be the best plan but let me show you what made me think of pattern.

via The

This wallpaper kills me!  Rich and dramatic but not overwhelming.  It would be dark but I can see it making a small space feel larger due to it’s vertical lines.  The pin board is in the same pattern as to not break up the overall look, smart thinking.

Let’s move to the desk. Emerald green is the perfect color. Creates a sharp contrast against the neutral wall (yes, friends leopard is a neutral) and it suits the style and lines of the desk.  I imagine it was a heavy dark wood tone in it’s former life. Green keeps it from being to stiff, so much more playful.  Also, liking the jute area rug.  Very relaxed and casual.  Oh and another thing, did you spy the red ribbon trim along the base board. Tiny details make such a difference. Love it!

Thanks for reading my second installment of Animal Print of the Month!  I think I will definitely make this a monthly series.  Now off to Home Depot for there are projects to finish. Happy weekend!