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A Cool and Collected California Home

9 Oct

Wow I haven’t blogged in quite some time. Two years if you want to be all specific about it. Anyway, I guess the best way to start is to just jump right back in.


This space has been on my mind since it was published in Elle Decor….8 months ago. When I say space I really mean this crazy awesome home designed by Rita Konig and architect Gill Schafer. There are not enough adjectives in the English language to express my feelings on this project. It’s that good and includes everything I love from botanical wallpaper to vintage rattan furniture to a painted brick facade. Do I have a house crush? Probably.

The property was actually a YMCA camp in the 1880’s and it still has that kind of eclectic vibe.  Konig and the super hip couple who purchased the land certainly kept that feel in mind with the overall design and details. Details like reclaimed wood floorboards that were spaced as if they were there 100 years, quirky oil portraits, hand blown windows and a vintage trunk reposed as an outdoor cocktail table. The whole home has the air of a laid back vacation retreat not a formal residence. I think I am so drawn to this particular project because there ARE so many layers. Obviously much love and care went into the whole selection process. Check it out.


I said botanical wallpaper and I delivered. Love this paper by Pierre Frey. Check out his website such good stuff. Back to the above pic please look at the brass window hardware. Again another rich detail that makes the space.


Pretty room of pretty. Quite and soft yet so much character.


Konig knows the way to my heart. Rich hunter green paint (Emery & Cie’s Vermoulu 6) with a killer galley wall and white-painted floor. Look at the corner bookcase and library light please and thank you.


I want to drink here. Love a dark and moody bar area. This will be the pre dinner cocktail spot.


And this will be the after dinner nightcap spot. That ivy detail with the vintage painting just kills me every single time. Such a cozy collected space.

Photos by Eric Piasecki /Source:Elle Decor


Lovely Goods-Vintage Map

21 Nov

Happy Monday all!  I worked all nights this weekend at the job.  When I come home I’m usually wide awake so naturally I go right to the Internets.  Blog reading, Pinteresting, Etsy, it all helps me relax and unwind.  That and a glass of wine…or two, maybe more.  I think every Monday now I’m going to post something found over the weekend from my many online travels.  Most likely it will be something for the home that will not break your pocket book.  So here we go, my first lovely item for your Monday pleasure.

Antique map of Prague printed in 1903 found at Cabinet of Treasures Etsy shop. Place in a simple black frame as part of a gallery wall or in a unused wall space to create depth and interest.  The pinks, blues and greens really soften the lines.  It is actually pretty and could be used in more of a feminine space, like my office.  Yes, I think so.  Oh and it is only $16.95 less then $20!  Check out the rest of their shop chock full of vintage print goodness.

High Street Market

14 Nov

I am a HUGE fan of interior design blogs…actually blogging in general rocks!  It is what inspired me to go back to interior design after being away for awhile.  So when a blogger I love opens an awesome online store I have to post about it.  High Street Market has long been a favorite blog of mine.  Kelly, the author is an interior designer from Philadelphia by way of California, go local bloggers!  Well, local by an hour or so…by train.  I love reading her posts about the challenges of fixing up an 120 year old farmhouse.  In addition to her design business and home remodel projects she also runs an Etsy shop selling a carefully curated selection of vintage goods.  And they are soooo very good.  Well, this morning she launched her new online store which is like the original shop but kicked up a notch!  Let’s take a look shall we.

Go check it out!  Some of the items have already sold out such as the map print above. I have my little eye on the mirror below.  It is another consideration for above the sideboard but it may be to heavy a piece.  Hmmm, we shall see.

Dining Room Thoughts

31 Jul

With all this talk about Nancy and what to do with her I thought I would share some ideas for the space itself.  Remember it is a work in progress so no judging the empty, sad, devoid of life room.

Before you say anything…yes that rod will be moved closer to the ceiling.

Picture hardwood floors possibly in cork not sadface wall to wall carpet.

Like I said a work in progress.  Notice the squares of paint on the wall, me testing out some paint color.  Anyway, the wall on the right is where Nancy is to be placed along with two side chairs for when we have extra company.  During most of the day the dining room is the darkest area of the house.  One of my goals for the space is to make it feel lighter.  One way to do this would be to add a mirror above Nancy to reflect light that comes in from the far window.  Also, this would give an illusion of more space, at least a little.  Another idea I had was to wallpaper just that far wall.  I love how wallpaper can add architectural interest to a room.  I’m envisioning something that has a white or cream background with gold or bronze pattern.  This is not till further down the road right now everything will be painted the same color.  Here are some pics that illustrate what I’m thinking .

via Amber Interior Design

This space captures exactly what was in my head right down to the wallpaper!  I would probably choose a bigger mirror however the finish and shape is spot on.  Something round would break up the boxyness of the room.  It definitely makes me consider stain instead of paint for Nancy.


Here is the argument for white.  This is fresh and clean and open.  I am obsessed with Imperial Trellis wallpaper.  When I first started reading design blogs it was everywhere.  I kind of thought of it as a trend and did not pay much attention.  However it started to grow on me in a big way. I’m not really considering it for this project but our laundry room is a different story!

Designed by Palmer Weiss via Marcus Design Blog

In the words of Rachel Zoe….I die.  Ba-na-nas!  Totally love this room.  It has a Palm Beach regency feel but the placement of the furniture is very traditional and symmetrical.  That mirror such a pretty shape but the finish is super strong.  It maybe to big for my little ol dining room but it completes me none the less.  I bet it would reflect light like no one’s business.

Design by Palmer Weiss via Marcus Design Blog

Another view shall we. Funny thing about this room is, it is adjacent a living room I’ve always loved.  In the picture(of the room I loved) you can see this dining space.  I used to wonder what was going on back there, now I know.

This is the picture I was referring to above,  just kills me!

Well, there you have it some ideas on what is in store for Miss Nancy and our dining room.  Stay tuned for the next chapter.  Cheers to all!

What To Do With Nancy?

30 Jul

So I have a dilemma.  I wanted to have Nancy sanded and ready to be stained by now.  Who is Nancy you may ask? She is my $20 Craigslist find that came to live with us.  Click the link above to see what I am talking about.  Lets bask in Nancy’s presence again:

Why Nancy you ask.  Nancy is a fun name but classic at the same time kind of  like the buffet itself.  I know, I know.  Call me crazy, I don’t care.  See, I have been on the hunt for a buffet for almost two years now.  Never thinking I would find one so inexpensive or in good condition.   So yes I will name my furniture if I want to.  I have a lamp named Florence, wait till you meet her, she pretty.

My issue is I now can’t decide if I want to paint or keep the integrity of the wood and stain her the same color she is now.  Originally I wanted a simple buffet painted either black or white depending on other aspects of the room.  Now because of the piece’s historical period I’m not so sure.  I’m not one of those people that freak out if you paint solid wood.  In fact I love painted furniture.  However, Nancy is unique and I love the finish.  The dining table, which we don’t have yet, will be in a warm chestnut finish. I do not want the pieces to look like I was trying to match them.  Hate that with a blinding fiery passion.  Anyway, I was looking up painted mid century modern furniture and I could not find many examples.

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Design*Sponge

Massuo Warner Miller via La Dolce Vita

The space Nancy will be in does not get much natural light.  I feel the white would really brighten the space quite a bit and make it feel more open.  On the other hand the piece is up on legs so visually at least it does not take up a lot of room.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I love the fine grain of the wood, clean and smooth, it fits the piece well.  If I were to stain her the grain would show with paint not so much.  Also, down the road if I wanted change the finish paint would be a much bigger pain to remove.

Tomorrow I am off to Lowes to look over paint and stain.  By Monday hopefully I will have decided.  Anyone out there have any thoughts on painted mid century furniture.  If you do just bring them my way.  

$20 Will Make You Holla!

14 Jul

I am a serious Craigslist junky.  Everyday looking, hunting through post after post, never finding anything that works.  I would see things that had so much potential but nothing for me.  Until one day about three weeks ago when this popped up.

The seller was asking for $20.00.  Yes, you read that correctly only $20.00!  Could not believe it, I had been looking for a sideboard forever.  Rushed to e-mail the seller thinking there is no way this was still available for that asking price.  She said it was, I asked for the dimensions.  Amazingly, they were perfect for the dining room space and would still give me enough room for two chairs on either side.  Of coarse we picked it up the next day.

Many similar mid century modern pieces can sell for $300-$500 depending on the condition.  There is no information on the manufacturer but it made of sold mahogany and has a sticker from the Mahogany Association in the left drawer.  Most if not all solid mahogany furniture made before 1969 was given an individual number. Nancy, as I like to call my new find is Number 620.  I would love to find more information but there is not much out there.

Oh the hardware. The lower handles are brass and these are silver. Love a mix.

Brass feet need a little polish

As you might have noticed her finish is a bit rough.  My brand spanking new hand sander is all ready to go.  I will be posting about that debacle, makes me nervous project next week.  Does anyone out there have any awesome Craigslist stories, please share if you do.  If I see any amazing items on Craigslist I will share them on this here blog.