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Katie Ridder For The Win

18 Nov

Want this book!

It includes this room!

Acid green walls and a disco ballish light fixture mixed with classic bird prints, oh and let’s throw in a graphic area rug and a blue gray mid century credenza while we are at it.  I am obsessed with this space!  All of these elements are kind of crazy on their own but together they are design magic.  It feels like a elegant dining room space even though everything is so bold, you could have a lovely dinner party here.  That would be a good time!

The designer, Katie Ridder is one of my favorites her work constantly inspires me!  It is modern but classic at the same time, bright and colorful but not over the top crazy.  Also, the furniture and art pieces she selects are interesting themselves. I feel like a lot of thought went into every single detail.  Below are some more pics from the book.  I was going to ask for it for Christmas but I don’t think I can wait that long.  Enjoy!


Cozy Chic Brown Wall Goodness

18 Jul

 I had the best intentions for this little old post here.  It was going to show the logo I created for Amesbury Road Interiors.  As you can see no business logo.  Nope, not here.  I am not technical when it comes to most computer programs.  Starting this blog intimidated me, but it has been surprisingly easy.  Now Photoshop and Illustrator not so much.  I opened up what I worked on yesterday in Photoshop and would not let me tweak my design.  Tried Illustrator no luck.  So hopefully by Wednesday the logo will be up and peace will be restored to the valley. Today instead I have this to share.

For me this perfection. Rich brown walls that highlight all the other elements in the room. Love the painting and how it brings a lot of color but not overwhelmingly so. That sectional is plump and cozy but stylish with the geometric fabric. Hello, disco ballish light fixture, chic yes, yes you are.  Even the flowers add a bit of warmth.  Aw, I could go on. Back to Photoshop I go. Cheers!

Animal Print of the Month

15 Jul

Hello again, I’m going to introduce my very first blog series. Okay get ready people-Animal Print of the Month!  I love animal prints.  Every room can benefit from a bit of leopard, zebra, or snakeskin.  Animal prints have a lot of character and can give even the most subtle space a bit of glam.  Yet they don’t take away from the overall look.  However if you took  the print away it would most definitively be missed.

This month Veranda and House Beautiful magazine both featured spaces that had the same leopard throw pillow fabric.  It is Sabu Chintz by Rose Cumming. In House Beautiful Nick Olsen, one of my very very favorite designers, used a bit of it on a throw pillow.

This apartment is a tiny 295 square feet and the furnishing and decor are proportioned beautifully.  Just magical. Run and purchase the newest House and Garden!  I would love to devote a whole post this space, but so many blogs already have.  Back to the leopard print, a little makes a big impact and brings in more of the emerald color from the trim.  How many animal prints do you see in emerald, black, and white. Delightful, I must say.

Designer Andrew Raquet used it in a more traditional setting. Love it with the suzani  pillows and map prints on the wall!  I could not find the exact pic from Veranda, go to the store and buy it now.  This one does not do it justice.

Here it is, I have a pink office and a desk chair that needs an upgrade need I say more

And here it is again, the one one the bottom kills me.

These are the only images I could find, unfortunately.  The fabric is only available to the trade and you have to contact the company for a quote.  Hopefully, in the near future I will be able to do just that!  Happy weekend every one!


It’s Still Summer

7 Jul

Soooooo, someone said to me today “Summer is just about over.”    “What are you talking about?” I replied.  “Yeah, we only got two months left.”   Yes, exactly, we have two wonderful months left.   Plus, most of September is warm, plenty of time to be outside.  Or the pool, beach, ice cream man, cookouts, flip flops, planting flowers, chasing after lighting bugs, yeah you get my point.  I was not in the mood for negativity.  Oh, and then I clicked on Pier and they have a Christmas preview.  No I did not take a look.  Me and Pier 1 do not always get along. Maybe it is the tin elephants and barn animal candle holders.

Sorry, had to post.

Anyway, the point is we have plenty of time to enjoy being outside.  I put together a cozy outdoor seating area using my favorite outdoor bench and rug.  Enjoy!

So simple and modern, needs some pillow goodness.

Like the persimmon colors, not to heavy for the bench

Love these chairs, different texture with the wood bench

This rug is fun but stylish and graphic at the same time

And there you have it a cozy yet cool outdoor seating area.  Perfect for a side porch or patio, on warm summer evenings with friends and many drinks.  I won’t invite the person who said Summer is over.  They are probably getting ready to rake leaves and besides they don’t drink anyway.  No fun for them.  Till next time!