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Animal Print of the Month-February

23 Feb

Being that this is the time of love and all (Okay I know Valentines Day was over 10 days ago) I wanted the February animal print of the month to be one of my favorites.


via Lonny Magazine June/July 2010

This is the lovely bedroom nook of designer Elizabeth Bauer and I have been in love ever since I came upon it in Lonny over two years ago.

Using Rose Cummings blue and white Zebrine paper on the walls and ceiling gives the area a cozy vibe.  Even though the nook is basically part of the seating area it feels like it’s own separate space.  Such a smarty pants idea for a room that needs to serve two different purposes.  This Elizabeth Bauer knows what is going on.

So pretty are those D. Porthault bed linens. It would be like your bed was sprinkled with candy colored confetti.  Very very expensive french confetti.  Honorable mention going out to those pink lamp shades, great use of color and another excellent idea for a tiny room.  Can’t fit a table lamp, use a swing arm wall sconce.  

The whole studio apartment is feminine, eclectic and oh so pretty and colorful.  Sometimes you just need some pretty. But definitely not your everyday typical pretty.

All via Lonny June/July 2010   Design by Elizabeth Bauer

Photography by Patrick Cline


Design Board Happenings

20 Feb


I was all set to have a big giant inspiration board ready for today’s post.  However, after several attempts this is as big as it gets people.  Remember I AM NOT a graphic designer, I just play one one this here blog.

Above is what I would do if I had a gazillion dollars to spend and could just buy from 1st dibs like it was my job.  In my mind this is what my office would look like.  All pretty, sparkly glam, modern and traditional at the same time.   Here sherbet colors and fabrics would mingle with a brass 1970’s screen and a chinoiserie table lamp can cohabitant with a burnt orange and purple velvet stripe toss pillow. Aw yeah.

  Notice my favorite discontinued Jane Churchill fabric on the antique black bench.  So perfectly wonderful in a small doses.

Despite the technical difficulties this was too much fun and I will continue to create mood/design/inspiration boards for your viewing pleasure.  Go HERE to see a larger view.

By the end of the week part two of the office will be up and ready.

Wait till you see the deck and office chair.

Animal Print of the Month-January

27 Jan

I’m totally ready for Spring to be here. In PA The sun has not peaked out for daysIt makes me want to hibernate in our bedroom and not come out till mid March when there is hope at last that Winter will  soon be over.

However, if I had the space below it would not be so bad.  Scroll down there is leopard print carpet to be had!

via originally published by Veranda Magazine

 This lovely bedroom space was designed by the most excellent Miles Redd.  Minty De Gournay wallpaper is pretty, glamorous and elegant, really just fricking amazing.  All that intricate detail.  Then he goes and mixes in leopard print Stark carpet, bold yellow table lamps and boxy mirrored side tables.  Love it, very ladylike but the harder textures give it an edge.

I have to admit I’m not over the whole mirrored furniture trend, by the way.  When it is done unexpectedly and it is just one interesting piece.  This is more modern and sexy not the frenchy look that is everywhere. 

I think I could hang out here till March with no problem.  Oh that is when Mad Men returns and about time too.  It would not be so bad watching the premiere with that carpet underfoot!

Wrap It Up

10 Dec

This weekend is going to be filled with Christmasy goddness!  Making cookies, finishing shopping, sending cards and my favorite holiday pass time-wrapping presents!  Every year I plan out what I’m going to do, always with a color scheme or a certain style of trim.  Big plans are made I tell you.  Then I either can’t find what I’m looking for or time runs out.  This year it was going to be simple black and white stripes with silky red ribbon and tags made with glitter backed paper.  Simple, classic but graphic at the same timeYeah…did…not…happen.  So I winged it and made each package different.  I have enough wrapping supplies for a family of 12 and then some.  Think of it a collection total hoarder that spreads Christmas cheerMonday I will share some pics of my lovely wrapped gifts till then here is some awesome inspiration via Pinterest.

The gift wrap directly above is from Marimekko and is available from Crate and Barrel.  I want it like yesterday however most of my wrapping is done!  Maybe for next year, the black and white prints would be awesome with purple velvet ribbon….hmmm.

This Weekend Is Mine

7 Oct

Happy Friday!  I am off from work this weekend!  That means two and half whole days that I can focus my time and energy on the many projects around the house.  There may be some sanding and refinishing of the dining room sideboard, possible spay painting in the guest bedroom and maybe some action going down around the front door (fall action that is).  Aw yeah can’t wait.

Oh and Sunday there is soup to be made.   Butternut Squash with pepitas & homemade pumpernickel crostini and Jamie Oliver’s Lentil & Spinach Soup it is going to be so good especially for the people who I am sharing with.  So generous, I know.  Now I won’t be inside the whole weekend I occasionally venture out of the house for reasons other than work.  Thinking of Central Market in downtown Lancaster for some shopping,  need ingredients for said soup.  Also,  a date night with the boyfriend is in the works, dinner and a movie perhaps.  We shall see if I can fit it all in.   Till then have a fabulous weekend below is how in my mind while wearing Old Navy jeans, flats and a cardigan I shall styled during the next two days.  Enjoy!

At Breakfast

Central Market Shopping (bags full of food)

Hanging out, by the garage waiting for the finish on the sideboard to dry

Making Soup

Date Night

Sunday Morning Coffee

all images via Pinterest

Pinning My Life Away

30 Sep

So by now most people out there in design blog land know what Pinterest is.  If not let me explain: Pinterest is a service that let’s you store (pin) images from any website onto digital boards on the Pinterest website.  It allows you to categorize the boards to your liking.  For instance a member can have a board just for Pink Rooms or for Places I Want To Travel.  Well I signed up, waited I don’t know how many countless days to be allowed in then finally got my oh so coveted approval.  And let me just tell you it is ingenious…..and maybe the most additive website ever for a design junky like myself!

Now in the morning instead of checking my email I hop right over to Pinterest to see what new goodies have been posted.  If I’m in the mood to look up interiors with lavender I can and dozens of images pop up.  Brilliant!  If something catches my eye I can “pin it” to any of my 25 boards.  Before to save anything I would have to click and save an image then take forever to find it again.  Now it is right in front of me neatly categorized.  Oh and if anyone repins or likes a picture from one of your boards they send you a lovely e-mail (You Have New Pins and Likes on Pinterest).  Getting an email just makes my day a little brighter somehow.  When I finally make it to my email.  Anyway if you are still with me, you can follow me on Pinterest here.  Here are some recent pins for your Friday night enjoyment below.

So Close Yet So Very Far

24 Sep

Have you ever been obsessed with a fabric, wallpaper or color that you spend countless minutes on Pinterest and the internet trying to find it?  If your a fabric junky like me you do!  A few months ago I saw this pattern a website (naturally I did not bookmark it) and after that I could not stop thinking about it.  Like having a unattainable crush on a boy.

Well low and behold I was reading and quite enjoying a new to me blog Bazaar of Serendipity and there was a pic of the fabric!  I commented on the post, the lovely author wrote back the fabric is Rossini by Jane Churchill and…….it is discontinued.  Story of my life people!   Anyway, she suggested going on Ebay.  So that is what I am going to do.  Hopefully, it is turn up I only need a yard or less for chair seats in my pink office.

via Full House Blog

Design by Ruthie Sommers

So that is a goal-to search for this fabric along with the many other projects I wish to achieve.  On another note I have not been blogging much lately my full time job has been keeping me very busy and the hours are erratic.  Also, both my boyfriend and my families have had some serious medical issues in the past few weeks.  At this point it looks like everyone is getting better and on the road to recovery.  There for awhile every time the phone rang we were dreading what the news would be.  But as I said things are starting turning around.  This weekend is for blogging, planning posts for the coming week…and the September Animal Print of the Month!  My favorite.