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Some Things For Your Friday

10 Feb

Happy Friday party people! 

This is a working weekend so no fun times for me.   Posting will be slim to none.  Sads.

But I would like to share some goods I found, things I came upon throughout the week.  Such has a new cupcake bakery that just opened….a mile from my house!

via Sublime Cupcakes-Lititz, PA Facebook page

The ones above are Hot Coco but there are way more flavor delights to choose from such as chocolate caramel pretzel.  Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and pretzel pieces and caramel drizzle….. so so good!

Okay, enough about dessert lets get to the reallllly good stuff.

Such as:

Windsor Smith from Veranda Magazine via Shelter Interior Design


via Parlour Blog

In Yo Face

via Pinterest

But of Coarse

via How Do I Love Thee

How Could I Forget


This One Too

via Belclaire House Blog

Last but certainly not least

Rita Konig via Pinterest

So I want to see some interaction on this here blog. Which space do you like?  Thoughts?

Ponder please while I work this weekend and have a cupcake or two on my behalf!



This Weekend Is Mine

7 Oct

Happy Friday!  I am off from work this weekend!  That means two and half whole days that I can focus my time and energy on the many projects around the house.  There may be some sanding and refinishing of the dining room sideboard, possible spay painting in the guest bedroom and maybe some action going down around the front door (fall action that is).  Aw yeah can’t wait.

Oh and Sunday there is soup to be made.   Butternut Squash with pepitas & homemade pumpernickel crostini and Jamie Oliver’s Lentil & Spinach Soup it is going to be so good especially for the people who I am sharing with.  So generous, I know.  Now I won’t be inside the whole weekend I occasionally venture out of the house for reasons other than work.  Thinking of Central Market in downtown Lancaster for some shopping,  need ingredients for said soup.  Also,  a date night with the boyfriend is in the works, dinner and a movie perhaps.  We shall see if I can fit it all in.   Till then have a fabulous weekend below is how in my mind while wearing Old Navy jeans, flats and a cardigan I shall styled during the next two days.  Enjoy!

At Breakfast

Central Market Shopping (bags full of food)

Hanging out, by the garage waiting for the finish on the sideboard to dry

Making Soup

Date Night

Sunday Morning Coffee

all images via Pinterest

West Elm Here I Come…

6 Oct

It is always a joy when the new West Elm catalog lands in my mailbox.  But this time it is especially good because on the back page they announced a location in Towson, Maryland!   This is only a little over an hour away and across from the Towson Town Center.  Home to such shopping delights such as Anthropologie, J. Crew and Lush.  Good times for me due to the fact the closest West Elm is in Philadelphia near Rittenhouse Square.  Not exactly easy to get to and if I purchase anything I have to lug it around all day or pay for shipping.  You better believe I will be paying a visit after they open.  Till then enjoy some new goods they just came out with.  It is awesome as usual!

The look is definitely West Elm but with a more masculine edge and a neutral color pallet for Fall.  Seeing burlap, tweed and felt but a little bit of silver sparkle thrown in.  I like it…a lot and can’t wait to see it in person, hopefully soon!