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Common Pattern

25 Jan

What do all these spaces have in common?

Hmmm, scroll down to find out.

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Home of Susan Becher via Lonny

via Marcus Design Blog

Nate Berkus

If you guessed this:

You be right!

The Ikea Stockholm Rand area rug has been on my radar for awhile.  It disappeared from the website for a time but now it is back and it begs to be in my office.  And at only $199 for a 5 x 7  I don’t have to sweat the price. Yes, I need it but my office floor needs it most of all. It has been decided!


Around The House

24 Jan

During my blogging absence some things were going down around our little split level.  It was not all doom and gloom, see this post.  Decisions were finalized, book shelves got ordered, walls were painted and nightstands were finished.  More in detail in later posts but lets take a look at what has been done.

West Elm came a knocking on Friday with back-ordered shelves for the office!  Holla, best boxes to come home to after a long work week.  Now they just need to be hung.

Calla Lamp from Furbish on…my….desk.  Sitting  oh so pretty and sculptural.   Perfect lamp to keep the Domino Book of Decorating company.  Speaking of books I received Katie Ridder Rooms for Christmas and it is even better than anticipated, just awesome!  Post and amazing pictures here on my LOVE of Miss Katie and her mad design skillz. 

That little digital art print in the background is by Puffed PeoniesCheck them out on Etsy, very cool computer generated illustrations. I’ve been eying up some of their zig-zag patterns, maybe for Tim’s office.  Mine so desperately needs to be framed.  Feeling an Ikea run soon they have a great frame department and excellent prices.  

Finally made a decision on choice of mirror for the dining room and I could not be happier!  Read my thoughts on our dining space here. Ended up going with what I really wanted instead of picking a   cheaper option.  That would have entailed many trips to Homegood, thrift stores and hours spent looking over Craigslist.  Belive me I enjoy all that but when you find exaclly what you want it is difficult to picture anything elise.

A special thank you to my sweet boyfriend Tim for going above and buying this for Christmas! So very unexpected and thoughtful.  If only we were as thoughtful to each other when we were trying to hang the mirror.  It was *#$&)ing brutal!

This is just a tiny space beside the bed in our guest bedroom.  Homegoods has been well…..good to me lately. The night stand, little vase and lamp came from them.  Naturally I forgot to take before pics but the night stand was a distressed black finish and not so good lookingMore on that process later but spray paint rules my face a little!  The vintage magazine ads are from a local antique mall and I have two more that I’m not sure yet what to do with yet.  Oh and the walls are to be painted a chocolate brown.


Starburst Mirror Thoughts

13 Nov

In my quest to furnish and decorate the dining room I have looked at many different mirrors.  From Homegoods to Ebay to Lamps Plus I have traveled but nothing has said “Yes, I belong on your wall and will bring harmony to your space.”  Until today when I was looking at Crate and Barrel’s website for wrapping paper and found this hot little number.

I want something a little bit sparkly and glamorous and retro but not over the top.  The drum shade over the dining table is fairly simple as is the sideboard, it needs glitzy standout piece.  I talked about what my thoughts were for the dining room here.  The hunt will continue but as of now this is definitely the front runner.  Below is the inspiration pic I posted before but lets delight in it again.

via Amber Interiors

Pin Board

10 Nov

A quick update on the office inspiration board situation.  All the images I have had torn out are now lovingly arranged on my board.  I had quite a good time putting this together.  Takes me back to elementary school when we would create collages in art class.  I wonder if my mom kept any of those masterpieces.

Looking at the board I definitely see a pattern, color wise anyway.  Many of the pages feature a light airy blue which I have been wanted to add to our bedroom for awhile now.  If you have read any of this blog you know I have quite a few projects in the works so that will have to wait till later.  In the meantime I will enjoy my pin board.  There are many many cut outs from design magazines left over, this is just a small portion.  Maybe another board is in my future perhaps.

This Weekend Is Mine

7 Oct

Happy Friday!  I am off from work this weekend!  That means two and half whole days that I can focus my time and energy on the many projects around the house.  There may be some sanding and refinishing of the dining room sideboard, possible spay painting in the guest bedroom and maybe some action going down around the front door (fall action that is).  Aw yeah can’t wait.

Oh and Sunday there is soup to be made.   Butternut Squash with pepitas & homemade pumpernickel crostini and Jamie Oliver’s Lentil & Spinach Soup it is going to be so good especially for the people who I am sharing with.  So generous, I know.  Now I won’t be inside the whole weekend I occasionally venture out of the house for reasons other than work.  Thinking of Central Market in downtown Lancaster for some shopping,  need ingredients for said soup.  Also,  a date night with the boyfriend is in the works, dinner and a movie perhaps.  We shall see if I can fit it all in.   Till then have a fabulous weekend below is how in my mind while wearing Old Navy jeans, flats and a cardigan I shall styled during the next two days.  Enjoy!

At Breakfast

Central Market Shopping (bags full of food)

Hanging out, by the garage waiting for the finish on the sideboard to dry

Making Soup

Date Night

Sunday Morning Coffee

all images via Pinterest

Dining Room Thoughts

31 Jul

With all this talk about Nancy and what to do with her I thought I would share some ideas for the space itself.  Remember it is a work in progress so no judging the empty, sad, devoid of life room.

Before you say anything…yes that rod will be moved closer to the ceiling.

Picture hardwood floors possibly in cork not sadface wall to wall carpet.

Like I said a work in progress.  Notice the squares of paint on the wall, me testing out some paint color.  Anyway, the wall on the right is where Nancy is to be placed along with two side chairs for when we have extra company.  During most of the day the dining room is the darkest area of the house.  One of my goals for the space is to make it feel lighter.  One way to do this would be to add a mirror above Nancy to reflect light that comes in from the far window.  Also, this would give an illusion of more space, at least a little.  Another idea I had was to wallpaper just that far wall.  I love how wallpaper can add architectural interest to a room.  I’m envisioning something that has a white or cream background with gold or bronze pattern.  This is not till further down the road right now everything will be painted the same color.  Here are some pics that illustrate what I’m thinking .

via Amber Interior Design

This space captures exactly what was in my head right down to the wallpaper!  I would probably choose a bigger mirror however the finish and shape is spot on.  Something round would break up the boxyness of the room.  It definitely makes me consider stain instead of paint for Nancy.


Here is the argument for white.  This is fresh and clean and open.  I am obsessed with Imperial Trellis wallpaper.  When I first started reading design blogs it was everywhere.  I kind of thought of it as a trend and did not pay much attention.  However it started to grow on me in a big way. I’m not really considering it for this project but our laundry room is a different story!

Designed by Palmer Weiss via Marcus Design Blog

In the words of Rachel Zoe….I die.  Ba-na-nas!  Totally love this room.  It has a Palm Beach regency feel but the placement of the furniture is very traditional and symmetrical.  That mirror such a pretty shape but the finish is super strong.  It maybe to big for my little ol dining room but it completes me none the less.  I bet it would reflect light like no one’s business.

Design by Palmer Weiss via Marcus Design Blog

Another view shall we. Funny thing about this room is, it is adjacent a living room I’ve always loved.  In the picture(of the room I loved) you can see this dining space.  I used to wonder what was going on back there, now I know.

This is the picture I was referring to above,  just kills me!

Well, there you have it some ideas on what is in store for Miss Nancy and our dining room.  Stay tuned for the next chapter.  Cheers to all!

What To Do With Nancy?

30 Jul

So I have a dilemma.  I wanted to have Nancy sanded and ready to be stained by now.  Who is Nancy you may ask? She is my $20 Craigslist find that came to live with us.  Click the link above to see what I am talking about.  Lets bask in Nancy’s presence again:

Why Nancy you ask.  Nancy is a fun name but classic at the same time kind of  like the buffet itself.  I know, I know.  Call me crazy, I don’t care.  See, I have been on the hunt for a buffet for almost two years now.  Never thinking I would find one so inexpensive or in good condition.   So yes I will name my furniture if I want to.  I have a lamp named Florence, wait till you meet her, she pretty.

My issue is I now can’t decide if I want to paint or keep the integrity of the wood and stain her the same color she is now.  Originally I wanted a simple buffet painted either black or white depending on other aspects of the room.  Now because of the piece’s historical period I’m not so sure.  I’m not one of those people that freak out if you paint solid wood.  In fact I love painted furniture.  However, Nancy is unique and I love the finish.  The dining table, which we don’t have yet, will be in a warm chestnut finish. I do not want the pieces to look like I was trying to match them.  Hate that with a blinding fiery passion.  Anyway, I was looking up painted mid century modern furniture and I could not find many examples.

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Design*Sponge

Massuo Warner Miller via La Dolce Vita

The space Nancy will be in does not get much natural light.  I feel the white would really brighten the space quite a bit and make it feel more open.  On the other hand the piece is up on legs so visually at least it does not take up a lot of room.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I love the fine grain of the wood, clean and smooth, it fits the piece well.  If I were to stain her the grain would show with paint not so much.  Also, down the road if I wanted change the finish paint would be a much bigger pain to remove.

Tomorrow I am off to Lowes to look over paint and stain.  By Monday hopefully I will have decided.  Anyone out there have any thoughts on painted mid century furniture.  If you do just bring them my way.