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Some Things For Your Friday

10 Feb

Happy Friday party people! 

This is a working weekend so no fun times for me.   Posting will be slim to none.  Sads.

But I would like to share some goods I found, things I came upon throughout the week.  Such has a new cupcake bakery that just opened….a mile from my house!

via Sublime Cupcakes-Lititz, PA Facebook page

The ones above are Hot Coco but there are way more flavor delights to choose from such as chocolate caramel pretzel.  Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and pretzel pieces and caramel drizzle….. so so good!

Okay, enough about dessert lets get to the reallllly good stuff.

Such as:

Windsor Smith from Veranda Magazine via Shelter Interior Design


via Parlour Blog

In Yo Face

via Pinterest

But of Coarse

via How Do I Love Thee

How Could I Forget


This One Too

via Belclaire House Blog

Last but certainly not least

Rita Konig via Pinterest

So I want to see some interaction on this here blog. Which space do you like?  Thoughts?

Ponder please while I work this weekend and have a cupcake or two on my behalf!



So Here It Goes

26 Jun

“I can write a blog, I have thoughts”-Julie Powell in Julie and Julia

     Well, as the title of my first ever blog post so here it goes.   I’m starting my very own interior design business- Amesbury Road Interiors.   Tada!  This blog will chronicle my trials and tribulations as I try to get this business off the ground.  Oh and will have a hefty dose of interiors I love (I could go on forever about wallpaper, place settings, the color coral, wood grain, mid-century furniture, etc, etc, etc) and the transformation of the little split level I share with my boyfriend.

    A bit about me.  For seven years I worked as an interior designer at Buck Home Furnishing, a furniture store in my hometown.  It has been almost four years now since I have been in the business.  I miss quite badly to say the least.  About two years ago I somehow starting reading design blogs.  And (sorry sappiness ahead get ready) they brought me back while I was flouting around wondering what I was doing with my life.   Now I read 30 plus design blogs a week and I can’t wait to get back to work. (more sappiness, I know gross right) I finally figured out what I want to do, like a real grown-up.

   I’ve been wanting to start a blog forever, so what has been stopping me?  Procrastination, maybe.  Zero technical ability, quite possibly.  There are so many mind blowingly awesome blogs out there.  What will I contribute?  Okay, that’s it here is my blog and these are my thoughts.  Enjoy!