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Brass Lamp Idea

2 Mar

Lately I have been coveting a certain brass table lamp something fierce.  But not just any old brass lamp mind you.  A seriously stylish futuristic one. Say hello to this beauty from Circa Lighting.

Ralph Lauren Home Carthage Table Lamp

Now lets enjoy these spaces where it is used to great effect. 

Kelly Wearstler

Traditional Home via Pinterest

via Remodelista

via The Decorista

Now the Ralph Lauren version from Circa Lighting is $609 which I have to admit is less expensive then I anticipated.  But many of us do not have an extra $609 to spend on a table lamp.  But I remembered Ikea offers this piece in black or white and it is only $79.

 Could you spray paint or gold leaf the whole thing?  Hmmmmm, I would like to try it but then again if I mess it up I’m out $79.  My thought would be to practice on a cheap lamp from a thrift shop or dollar store. Any advice from the expert DIYers out there.  Anyone?  It would be a great weekend project.

Speaking of weekend, happy Friday all!!


Design Board Happenings

20 Feb


I was all set to have a big giant inspiration board ready for today’s post.  However, after several attempts this is as big as it gets people.  Remember I AM NOT a graphic designer, I just play one one this here blog.

Above is what I would do if I had a gazillion dollars to spend and could just buy from 1st dibs like it was my job.  In my mind this is what my office would look like.  All pretty, sparkly glam, modern and traditional at the same time.   Here sherbet colors and fabrics would mingle with a brass 1970’s screen and a chinoiserie table lamp can cohabitant with a burnt orange and purple velvet stripe toss pillow. Aw yeah.

  Notice my favorite discontinued Jane Churchill fabric on the antique black bench.  So perfectly wonderful in a small doses.

Despite the technical difficulties this was too much fun and I will continue to create mood/design/inspiration boards for your viewing pleasure.  Go HERE to see a larger view.

By the end of the week part two of the office will be up and ready.

Wait till you see the deck and office chair.

All Lacquered Up

6 Feb

Saturday evening conversation over takeout Chili’s brought with gift card leftover from Christmas.

ME-“Maybe I should lacquer the walls in the bathroom since ya know we are going to have to replace the drywall”

Tim-Tim-“What are you talking about and who would take the time to do that?”

ME-“Welllll, there was this article in the new Elle Decor……”

Tim-Tim-blank stare/eyes glazed over thinking about the Patriots (they lost btw but Madonna was amazing)

Nothing says  glamorous like lacquered walls.  Rich, layered and dense especially when done in a dark moody color.  This is the perfect thing to bring a little shin to your Monday morning.

One of my favorites deep electric blue by Eric Cohler & Jennifer Mason from Traditional Home.

Love this stairway. Crisp vertical lines then alternating black and white on the stairs.  Black gloss on the woodwork.

via 1st Dibs photo archives

Layered, masculine with a green velvet sofa and leopard pillows.

via Pinterest

More high gloss black from interior designer Tommy Smyth.

Lets go completely the opposite end of the color spectrum and throw in some orange glossy goodness.  The draper chest looks amazing when paired with this wall shade.


More navy blue lacquer.  I never tire of this.

via Pinterest

Up to the ceiling with high gloss white.  A lovely bedroom is made all the more glam. I think ceiling paint makes it feel bigger and more open.


Another lovely room traditional and feminine then bam! glossy lemon yellow on the ceiling.

via Apartment Therapy

Jackie Astier in Elle Decor

3 Feb

I had a post all planned out but then the March Elle Decor came out and that idea naturally went out the windowOn page 120 begins this fabulous spread of editor Jackie Astier’s New York Apartment.  It includes lots of brass and gold, grass cloth wallpaper, a glitzy 19th century chandelier, burled wood, Cole & Son wallpaper in the kitchen, fur rugs, bright pink vintage suzani bed spread and 1940’s french dining chairs covered in cobalt blue velvet.  And if that doesn’t excite you maybe the 10 coats of deep aubergine lacquer on the dining room walls will.

It is fricking fantastic!  A amazing mix of new and old. Classic and modern at the same time and oh so chic.  Of note many of the furniture pieces were sourced through Ebay!  You can find anything there if you have patience, time and some good detective skills

All via Design Crisis blog Photography by Eric Piasecki

I could not find all of the pictures online.  Hopefully Elle Decor will post soon for your viewing/pinning pleasure.  Till then run out and buy the magazine.   I have only been able to flip through but I can tell it is going to be a very very good one indeed. 

Anyway, have a super weekend I am off work so I may do some thrifting tomorrow.  Will post what goods I spy while out and about.  Can not wait.

Kate Spade Spring 2012

2 Feb

Okay this only came out today but I’m already completely obsessed.

Brand spanking new Spring 2012 campaign from Kate Spade New York.  What is not to love about this.  Brightly saturated hues of tangerine and hot pink mixed with a graphic black and white Japanese fan prints.  Very very cool.  It’s a little bit sexier than other looks Kate Spade has done in the past but still has their sense of fun.

They were inspired by the bold patterns of Australian artist Florence Broadhurst. Who after living quite a colorful and varied life moved back to Australia and opened a wallpaper studio… 1959!  Looking at her offerings online they seem so current to me.  Check out the Kate Spade blog  for more she is the lady that moved them to make this the year of pattern.  Can’t wait to see more!

Jade Green Is Good

30 Jan

Jade green is one of my favorite colors.  After seeing Emily Blunt, who I absolutely love by the way, in jade green Oscar de la Renta at the SAG awards. I simply can not get that color out of my mind. The whole look is simple and lovely with just the right amount of sparkle.


I was looking through my Pinterest boards and I pin this shade quite a bit.  Lets take a look shall we.  I think is the perfect thing for a Monday afternoon.

via Bright Bazarr

via Mimi & Meg blog from Living Etc.

via Style By Emily Henderson blog

via Studio Annetta blog designed by Steven Gambrel

Stella & Dot

via Full House Blog designed by Celerie Kimble

via the Decorista

Martha Stewart

via Chinoserie Chic blog

Anyone else have color they can’t get out of their mind or thoughts on the SAG awards.  I did not actually get to watch. So of course looked online first thing this morning to see who won for best director of a short form documentary what fashion I missed.

Thinking About Nate Berkus

23 Jan

I always had a thing for Nate Berkus and not because of his tousled hair, sparkly eyes and warm inviting smile that makes you hang on to his every word.  It his body of work, his design portfolio that knocks me out!  A design crush if you will.   Recently, I learned that his talk show was canceled. Was I sad… ummmm no. That mess was all over the place from wardrobe makeovers to room in a minute challenges, it felt really forced to me and even Nate seemed uncomfortable.  On Oprah he was completely at ease, when he was speaking about interiors and helping clients.  Anyway, the show is over now and he can return to designing spaces like this.

via MFAMB blog

Yes! Love this space so much. So relaxed and comfortable but refined at the same time. A rust velvet chaise across from a jade green sofa, who does that!  It works.  There are so many details and pieces in this space that are amazing alone but they fit so well together.  They don’t fight each other for dominance.  Hello  flokati rug hanging out in the corner and shiny gold side table beside the chaise.  Lets not forget the rustic beams and the disco ball light fixture.  All of this feels timeless to me.  I think it is the combination of different elements that gives the room that quality.  Check out Nate Berkus Associates to see more eye candy.

via Pinterest

This is from the same home as above.  Again, a great mix of classic and modern.  On first glance this room is very masculine with the tufted leather chairs, heavy metal table and dark moody walls.  But then he throws in a  super glam  light fixture to mix it up.  Many of his spaces have that look and feel.

via Knight Moves blog

 Those windows get me every time.  This is the home of Katie Lee Joel apparently it is now on the market for sale.  One of my favorite blogs Knight Moves has some more information on the listing. Liking that he put french bistro stools in a modern white kitchen.

via Knight Moves blog

via Knight Moves blog

Not a lot of unnecessary stuff and clutter just clean and crisp. He lets the room breath and the space speak for itself.  It feels refreshing.

via Birch & Lilly Tumblr

From Elle Decor 2010.

via Pinterest

via Knight Moves blog

via Elle Decor


via Material Girls blog

His own home in Chicago.  Serene and relaxed even with that crazy striped rug.  Manly but those delicate chairs throw in a little bit of spark.  Gold with lime green fabric, oh yes he did!

  Go now to Nate Berkus Associates to get a better look at his portfolio!  The site won’t let you save or pin any photos so hopefully all above pictures are credited properly. Hope you enjoyed and I hope Nate starts designing again and gives us more his sexy rustic serene glam room goodness!