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Brass Lamp Idea

2 Mar

Lately I have been coveting a certain brass table lamp something fierce.  But not just any old brass lamp mind you.  A seriously stylish futuristic one. Say hello to this beauty from Circa Lighting.

Ralph Lauren Home Carthage Table Lamp

Now lets enjoy these spaces where it is used to great effect. 

Kelly Wearstler

Traditional Home via Pinterest

via Remodelista

via The Decorista

Now the Ralph Lauren version from Circa Lighting is $609 which I have to admit is less expensive then I anticipated.  But many of us do not have an extra $609 to spend on a table lamp.  But I remembered Ikea offers this piece in black or white and it is only $79.

 Could you spray paint or gold leaf the whole thing?  Hmmmmm, I would like to try it but then again if I mess it up I’m out $79.  My thought would be to practice on a cheap lamp from a thrift shop or dollar store. Any advice from the expert DIYers out there.  Anyone?  It would be a great weekend project.

Speaking of weekend, happy Friday all!!


Around The House

24 Jan

During my blogging absence some things were going down around our little split level.  It was not all doom and gloom, see this post.  Decisions were finalized, book shelves got ordered, walls were painted and nightstands were finished.  More in detail in later posts but lets take a look at what has been done.

West Elm came a knocking on Friday with back-ordered shelves for the office!  Holla, best boxes to come home to after a long work week.  Now they just need to be hung.

Calla Lamp from Furbish on…my….desk.  Sitting  oh so pretty and sculptural.   Perfect lamp to keep the Domino Book of Decorating company.  Speaking of books I received Katie Ridder Rooms for Christmas and it is even better than anticipated, just awesome!  Post and amazing pictures here on my LOVE of Miss Katie and her mad design skillz. 

That little digital art print in the background is by Puffed PeoniesCheck them out on Etsy, very cool computer generated illustrations. I’ve been eying up some of their zig-zag patterns, maybe for Tim’s office.  Mine so desperately needs to be framed.  Feeling an Ikea run soon they have a great frame department and excellent prices.  

Finally made a decision on choice of mirror for the dining room and I could not be happier!  Read my thoughts on our dining space here. Ended up going with what I really wanted instead of picking a   cheaper option.  That would have entailed many trips to Homegood, thrift stores and hours spent looking over Craigslist.  Belive me I enjoy all that but when you find exaclly what you want it is difficult to picture anything elise.

A special thank you to my sweet boyfriend Tim for going above and buying this for Christmas! So very unexpected and thoughtful.  If only we were as thoughtful to each other when we were trying to hang the mirror.  It was *#$&)ing brutal!

This is just a tiny space beside the bed in our guest bedroom.  Homegoods has been well…..good to me lately. The night stand, little vase and lamp came from them.  Naturally I forgot to take before pics but the night stand was a distressed black finish and not so good lookingMore on that process later but spray paint rules my face a little!  The vintage magazine ads are from a local antique mall and I have two more that I’m not sure yet what to do with yet.  Oh and the walls are to be painted a chocolate brown.


What To Do With Nancy?

30 Jul

So I have a dilemma.  I wanted to have Nancy sanded and ready to be stained by now.  Who is Nancy you may ask? She is my $20 Craigslist find that came to live with us.  Click the link above to see what I am talking about.  Lets bask in Nancy’s presence again:

Why Nancy you ask.  Nancy is a fun name but classic at the same time kind of  like the buffet itself.  I know, I know.  Call me crazy, I don’t care.  See, I have been on the hunt for a buffet for almost two years now.  Never thinking I would find one so inexpensive or in good condition.   So yes I will name my furniture if I want to.  I have a lamp named Florence, wait till you meet her, she pretty.

My issue is I now can’t decide if I want to paint or keep the integrity of the wood and stain her the same color she is now.  Originally I wanted a simple buffet painted either black or white depending on other aspects of the room.  Now because of the piece’s historical period I’m not so sure.  I’m not one of those people that freak out if you paint solid wood.  In fact I love painted furniture.  However, Nancy is unique and I love the finish.  The dining table, which we don’t have yet, will be in a warm chestnut finish. I do not want the pieces to look like I was trying to match them.  Hate that with a blinding fiery passion.  Anyway, I was looking up painted mid century modern furniture and I could not find many examples.

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Design*Sponge

Massuo Warner Miller via La Dolce Vita

The space Nancy will be in does not get much natural light.  I feel the white would really brighten the space quite a bit and make it feel more open.  On the other hand the piece is up on legs so visually at least it does not take up a lot of room.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I love the fine grain of the wood, clean and smooth, it fits the piece well.  If I were to stain her the grain would show with paint not so much.  Also, down the road if I wanted change the finish paint would be a much bigger pain to remove.

Tomorrow I am off to Lowes to look over paint and stain.  By Monday hopefully I will have decided.  Anyone out there have any thoughts on painted mid century furniture.  If you do just bring them my way.  


21 Jul

Well, after much unnecessary stress on my part.  The logo and business cards are finalized and ready.  Totally blaming Photoshop,  a slow internet connection, and the Avery business card program for this not my lack of graphic design skills.  I wanted something clean and simple but stylish as well.  It went through maybe 5 different changes in the last two weeks.  From a handwritten style font in black, gray and emerald  to cobalt blue and gray.  I feel all materials, such as business cards, and the overall look need to be cohesive and pulled together.  At the moment, I have no dollars to hire a professional graphic designer so I did it DIY style.

There you have it, the brand spanking new logo for Amesbury Road Interiors!

It was actually inspired by a fabric I spied online somewhere.  An eggplant, fuchsia, chocolate, and orange suzani, aw it was magnificent fabric magic.  Now of course the fabric is nowhere to be found, but mark my words I will find her again.  I think it is a feminine look but the deep purple give it more masculine feel.  Also, the font is girly with the curve on the S’s   and R’s however the overall look is kind of sharp.  Tell me what you think, I would love some feedback.

I have my business card and logo pined up on my soon to be linen covered cork board.  It gives me a little dose of inspiration while at my desk.  Silly but keeps me focused.  Thanks for reading.

$20 Will Make You Holla!

14 Jul

I am a serious Craigslist junky.  Everyday looking, hunting through post after post, never finding anything that works.  I would see things that had so much potential but nothing for me.  Until one day about three weeks ago when this popped up.

The seller was asking for $20.00.  Yes, you read that correctly only $20.00!  Could not believe it, I had been looking for a sideboard forever.  Rushed to e-mail the seller thinking there is no way this was still available for that asking price.  She said it was, I asked for the dimensions.  Amazingly, they were perfect for the dining room space and would still give me enough room for two chairs on either side.  Of coarse we picked it up the next day.

Many similar mid century modern pieces can sell for $300-$500 depending on the condition.  There is no information on the manufacturer but it made of sold mahogany and has a sticker from the Mahogany Association in the left drawer.  Most if not all solid mahogany furniture made before 1969 was given an individual number. Nancy, as I like to call my new find is Number 620.  I would love to find more information but there is not much out there.

Oh the hardware. The lower handles are brass and these are silver. Love a mix.

Brass feet need a little polish

As you might have noticed her finish is a bit rough.  My brand spanking new hand sander is all ready to go.  I will be posting about that debacle, makes me nervous project next week.  Does anyone out there have any awesome Craigslist stories, please share if you do.  If I see any amazing items on Craigslist I will share them on this here blog.


To Create a Plate Wall

4 Jul

A quick warning before we proceed: BAD smart phone pics ahead!  Okay, good that is out of the way.  I need to invest in a good camera.  Especially since I have this blog and want to post pretty high quality pictures or learn how to use Photoshop.

Anyway, before I go into how to hang a plate wall (promised from last above post)let me first explain the kitchen wall situation.  We live in a fairly typical split level built sometime in the early 1970’s.  Not my dream home but I have grown to love it.  Most come with a outdated kitchen that is not suitable for the way people live  today.  Previous owners  updated the kitchen extensively.  Lucky for us.  However, there are still a million things I want to change.   The wall to the right has a  counter which I believe the former owners have used as a snack bar.  The wall above it is fairly expansive.  Before  there were two pieces of art I purchased hastily at Ikea after I took over moved in.

Are you still reading, this is getting really long winded. Right about now I would post pics of what was hanging in that space long ago.  When Tim (that is my man friend’s name) lived alone, before I graced him with my presence.   But, alas no pictures.  It involves a shirtless George Contanza. This in a kitchen mind you……I can’t make this stuff up.

I wanted something that would bring dimension to the space but would soften the area as well.  Our kitchen is very boxy.  And I have an addiction to dinnerware.  Awhile ago I purchased plates at Target, from John Derian’s second line for them.  Not wanting to actually use them, voila the plate wall idea was born.  Here we go, bad phone pics and a tutorial.

First-Decide on your plates

Second-Trace outline of your plates on paper and cut out.  It does not need to be perfect

Third-Write on cut out which plate is which. This helps if you have plates that are the same size.

Fourth-Tape cut out templates to the wall till you get an arrangement that you like. I wanted a more random look but wanted the plates to be evenly spaced.

Place two hanging strips on back center top.  I used Command Damage-Free Hanging strips 18″ x 24″ medium size.   Purchased at Home Depot for less than $4.  Love them, no damage if you mess up (which I was afraid of) just pull the bottom tab down to remove.  On plate above I used four strips layered on top on one another.  Due to the fact the plate bottom was deeper than the others.

Make light pencil marks around the plate templates as you hang.  Remove the template, place plate inside pencil marks.  Press plate firmly to wall for 3o seconds and release.  Keep going till you have all plates hung.

There you have it a plate wall tutorial.  As I find plates I like I will add more to the wall.  There are different, more technical ways to create and hang a plate wall.  I hung mine the above way to save on time and cost.  Here is a fun video from Design*Sponge on hanging a plate wall. Just click right here.  If you made it this far I commend you patience.  Much appreciated!  Till next time.