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A Cool and Collected California Home

9 Oct

Wow I haven’t blogged in quite some time. Two years if you want to be all specific about it. Anyway, I guess the best way to start is to just jump right back in.


This space has been on my mind since it was published in Elle Decor….8 months ago. When I say space I really mean this crazy awesome home designed by Rita Konig and architect Gill Schafer. There are not enough adjectives in the English language to express my feelings on this project. It’s that good and includes everything I love from botanical wallpaper to vintage rattan furniture to a painted brick facade. Do I have a house crush? Probably.

The property was actually a YMCA camp in the 1880’s and it still has that kind of eclectic vibe.  Konig and the super hip couple who purchased the land certainly kept that feel in mind with the overall design and details. Details like reclaimed wood floorboards that were spaced as if they were there 100 years, quirky oil portraits, hand blown windows and a vintage trunk reposed as an outdoor cocktail table. The whole home has the air of a laid back vacation retreat not a formal residence. I think I am so drawn to this particular project because there ARE so many layers. Obviously much love and care went into the whole selection process. Check it out.


I said botanical wallpaper and I delivered. Love this paper by Pierre Frey. Check out his website such good stuff. Back to the above pic please look at the brass window hardware. Again another rich detail that makes the space.


Pretty room of pretty. Quite and soft yet so much character.


Konig knows the way to my heart. Rich hunter green paint (Emery & Cie’s Vermoulu 6) with a killer galley wall and white-painted floor. Look at the corner bookcase and library light please and thank you.


I want to drink here. Love a dark and moody bar area. This will be the pre dinner cocktail spot.


And this will be the after dinner nightcap spot. That ivy detail with the vintage painting just kills me every single time. Such a cozy collected space.

Photos by Eric Piasecki /Source:Elle Decor


Blog Crush

22 Feb

Sometimes I stumble across a new blog (new to me anyway) that I just can not seem to get enough of. Right now Gorgeous Shiny Things is that blog.  My blog crush if you will.

The author, Danika Herrick can work some major design magic with a paint brush, some paint, tape, a  ruler and a blank wall!  Oh and sometimes there are vintage furniture pieces involved.  Her crazy colorful interior design and renovation projects are original, inspiring and just plain AWESOME.   All written about in a fast paced approachable style that is fun and interesting to read.  Like a good conversation with a close girlfriend.

She is a mom with two young boys and a husband who works in real estate.  They moved five times and FIVE years. Always renovating and redecorating in each new home.  Her background is in interior design but I she started her own company recently.  If you read design blogs then you are probably familiar with O’verlays.  Yep, she along with her business partner created them.   Just the sheer amount of what she has accomplished is something to look up to.

Lets talk about the picture above shall we.  This used to be a wood dresser people, now it is a sea green masterpiece with shiny gold hardware.  Note the wall-that is not wallpaper it was done by hand with a gold pen. Seriously.

Lovely guest bedroom and office then…..

Bam!  This is the view of the opposite side of the room behind the closet door.  Yes, that geometric mural was painted by hand and it is oh so amazing.  The Dorthy Draper inspired chest is, I think an Ikea find done up with O’verlays. 

O’verlays and mirror working hard keeping the glam.

Paint and plastic templates to get this effect.  Not yours mommas stencil.

Her bathroom before

annnnnd after. More O’verlays at work!

Go NOW to read and partake in some more design and renovation goodness. I should say everything she does is budget friendly.  Sometimes all you need is a $30 bucket of paint and a ruler to create something amazing!

Thinking About Nate Berkus

23 Jan

I always had a thing for Nate Berkus and not because of his tousled hair, sparkly eyes and warm inviting smile that makes you hang on to his every word.  It his body of work, his design portfolio that knocks me out!  A design crush if you will.   Recently, I learned that his talk show was canceled. Was I sad… ummmm no. That mess was all over the place from wardrobe makeovers to room in a minute challenges, it felt really forced to me and even Nate seemed uncomfortable.  On Oprah he was completely at ease, when he was speaking about interiors and helping clients.  Anyway, the show is over now and he can return to designing spaces like this.

via MFAMB blog

Yes! Love this space so much. So relaxed and comfortable but refined at the same time. A rust velvet chaise across from a jade green sofa, who does that!  It works.  There are so many details and pieces in this space that are amazing alone but they fit so well together.  They don’t fight each other for dominance.  Hello  flokati rug hanging out in the corner and shiny gold side table beside the chaise.  Lets not forget the rustic beams and the disco ball light fixture.  All of this feels timeless to me.  I think it is the combination of different elements that gives the room that quality.  Check out Nate Berkus Associates to see more eye candy.

via Pinterest

This is from the same home as above.  Again, a great mix of classic and modern.  On first glance this room is very masculine with the tufted leather chairs, heavy metal table and dark moody walls.  But then he throws in a  super glam  light fixture to mix it up.  Many of his spaces have that look and feel.

via Knight Moves blog

 Those windows get me every time.  This is the home of Katie Lee Joel apparently it is now on the market for sale.  One of my favorite blogs Knight Moves has some more information on the listing. Liking that he put french bistro stools in a modern white kitchen.

via Knight Moves blog

via Knight Moves blog

Not a lot of unnecessary stuff and clutter just clean and crisp. He lets the room breath and the space speak for itself.  It feels refreshing.

via Birch & Lilly Tumblr

From Elle Decor 2010.

via Pinterest

via Knight Moves blog

via Elle Decor


via Material Girls blog

His own home in Chicago.  Serene and relaxed even with that crazy striped rug.  Manly but those delicate chairs throw in a little bit of spark.  Gold with lime green fabric, oh yes he did!

  Go now to Nate Berkus Associates to get a better look at his portfolio!  The site won’t let you save or pin any photos so hopefully all above pictures are credited properly. Hope you enjoyed and I hope Nate starts designing again and gives us more his sexy rustic serene glam room goodness!

Katie Ridder For The Win

18 Nov

Want this book!

It includes this room!

Acid green walls and a disco ballish light fixture mixed with classic bird prints, oh and let’s throw in a graphic area rug and a blue gray mid century credenza while we are at it.  I am obsessed with this space!  All of these elements are kind of crazy on their own but together they are design magic.  It feels like a elegant dining room space even though everything is so bold, you could have a lovely dinner party here.  That would be a good time!

The designer, Katie Ridder is one of my favorites her work constantly inspires me!  It is modern but classic at the same time, bright and colorful but not over the top crazy.  Also, the furniture and art pieces she selects are interesting themselves. I feel like a lot of thought went into every single detail.  Below are some more pics from the book.  I was going to ask for it for Christmas but I don’t think I can wait that long.  Enjoy!

Graphic Area Rugs

3 Oct

Lately I have been obsessing over geometric print area rugs.  Yes, this is what I think about while I’m doing fun chores like folding laundry or loading the dishwasher.  I always loved strong graphic elements in a interior space.  Especially when everything else is kept simple and clean. Or when the graphic detail is a neutral such as black and white then the rest of the space has a lot of saturated color.  Here are some pictures to demonstrate what I be saying.  There may be some Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler in the mix, so get ready!

From Bazaar of Serendipity Blog

I could go on about this space and it probably deserves a post all it’s own but right now we shall stick to the rug.  Love how it has a large scale pattern but does not take away from all the other aspects of the space.  The rug acts as a neutral because the pattern is more open, less tight.  Unlike the wallpaper which has more detail going on.

From Bazaar of Serendipity

 This is another space that has quite a bit of saturated color but fabrics are all solid.  The rug provides that one strong graphic element.  My eye still roams around the room it does not focus on just the rug.

Kelly Wearstler

Told you there would be some Wearstler magic in this post.  Again, crazy geometric on the floor, everything else is solid.  But the lines are curvy, graphic and dare I say kind of sexy.  Everything flows together so well.  Check out behind the bar the niches where the alcohol is kept…the detail just kill me.

from La Dolce Vita blog

Same rug as in the second picture.  One of my favorite spaces maybe ever. Delight in it.

Mary McDonald

Navy, pink and white with a little bit of gold.  The rug breaks up all the dark color.

Christina Murry

Jonathan Adlar

Again, I promised and I delivered.  Super bright color and detail but the rug is the one bold pattern.  Feel like this picture is completely responsible for the chevron trend.  Which I have absolutely no issue with at all.

from Little Green Notebook blog

This is such a pretty space.  Love the wall color and chandelier.  This is more traditional then the other spaces above but shows a graphic rug does not need to be super modern.

by Pulp Design Studios

I am in love with trug by Missoni such warm fall colors!  Like that the rug really is the only pattern in the room.

From Little Green Notebook blog

I think this rug is actually from Ikea which is a great place for more affordable modern area rugs.  Also, is another cheap option and they have tons of choices.  You could get lost on the site with all their area rug goodness, check it out!