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Brass Lamp Idea

2 Mar

Lately I have been coveting a certain brass table lamp something fierce.  But not just any old brass lamp mind you.  A seriously stylish futuristic one. Say hello to this beauty from Circa Lighting.

Ralph Lauren Home Carthage Table Lamp

Now lets enjoy these spaces where it is used to great effect. 

Kelly Wearstler

Traditional Home via Pinterest

via Remodelista

via The Decorista

Now the Ralph Lauren version from Circa Lighting is $609 which I have to admit is less expensive then I anticipated.  But many of us do not have an extra $609 to spend on a table lamp.  But I remembered Ikea offers this piece in black or white and it is only $79.

 Could you spray paint or gold leaf the whole thing?  Hmmmmm, I would like to try it but then again if I mess it up I’m out $79.  My thought would be to practice on a cheap lamp from a thrift shop or dollar store. Any advice from the expert DIYers out there.  Anyone?  It would be a great weekend project.

Speaking of weekend, happy Friday all!!


Blog Crush

22 Feb

Sometimes I stumble across a new blog (new to me anyway) that I just can not seem to get enough of. Right now Gorgeous Shiny Things is that blog.  My blog crush if you will.

The author, Danika Herrick can work some major design magic with a paint brush, some paint, tape, a  ruler and a blank wall!  Oh and sometimes there are vintage furniture pieces involved.  Her crazy colorful interior design and renovation projects are original, inspiring and just plain AWESOME.   All written about in a fast paced approachable style that is fun and interesting to read.  Like a good conversation with a close girlfriend.

She is a mom with two young boys and a husband who works in real estate.  They moved five times and FIVE years. Always renovating and redecorating in each new home.  Her background is in interior design but I she started her own company recently.  If you read design blogs then you are probably familiar with O’verlays.  Yep, she along with her business partner created them.   Just the sheer amount of what she has accomplished is something to look up to.

Lets talk about the picture above shall we.  This used to be a wood dresser people, now it is a sea green masterpiece with shiny gold hardware.  Note the wall-that is not wallpaper it was done by hand with a gold pen. Seriously.

Lovely guest bedroom and office then…..

Bam!  This is the view of the opposite side of the room behind the closet door.  Yes, that geometric mural was painted by hand and it is oh so amazing.  The Dorthy Draper inspired chest is, I think an Ikea find done up with O’verlays. 

O’verlays and mirror working hard keeping the glam.

Paint and plastic templates to get this effect.  Not yours mommas stencil.

Her bathroom before

annnnnd after. More O’verlays at work!

Go NOW to read and partake in some more design and renovation goodness. I should say everything she does is budget friendly.  Sometimes all you need is a $30 bucket of paint and a ruler to create something amazing!

Colorful Picture Matting

9 Feb

I have been coveting the below photo for quite sometime.

Photo by Ann Schlechter via Coastal Living

It is from Coastal Living but I cannot find anymore info on the room.  Cause I would LOVE to see the rest of it.  You see it is not just the vintage chairs, I imagine they were picked up for a steal at some wonderful out of the way antique shop or flea market then given new life with white spray paint.  Yes, these are the things I wonder about.  And it is not the cozy banquette seating oh no it is the those magazine advertisements framed with pink matting!  If someone had the creativity to use pink I want to see what else is going on in their space!

I gave me some much needed inspiration for our sad plain jane entryway.  It’s not really sad I’m just bored with it. But that is a post for another day. Till then here is some more colorful matting for your Thursday evening.

Lonny Magazine via Luxe + Lillies

via everything LEB

Thomas Cary’s apartment via New York Social Diary

Thomas Cary’s apartment via New York Social Diary

*Still from the film Indiscreet via Habitually Chic

I have never seem this movie, which stars Ingrid Bergman, but this interior set has me intrigued.

from Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick via Chinoiserie Chic


Currently Loving: Digital Prints

28 Jan

Back in December I purchased this cool print from Puffed Peonies, a digital art shop I found on Etsy.

Now I just need a trip to Ikea to pick up a frame.  Check out some other prints they have to offer.  Very simple but bold graphics and colors.  One awesome thing the artist offers is custom sizing.  Would love to see one of these blown up to a huge scale!

Finality Print

Bow Feather Print

Abstract Print

Spring Triangles Print

Peacock Print

Honeycomb Print

If I could actually talk Tim in to letting me decorate his office that Finality print would be perfect.  Yeah, that is not going to happen anytime soon.

Animal Print of the Month-December

11 Dec

It is time for the all important Animal Print of the MonthI have decided to give a little gift since this is the season of giving after all.  What is the gift you may ask-just the animal print of the month for December!

Feast your eyes on this.

& this

& a little bit of that

This fabric/wallpaper print is Scalamandre’s Zebras and it completes me a little bit.  If you read any interior design blogs this is probably pretty familiar to you.  It is everywhere right now but been in production since the 1930’s.  I think maybe that is why it feels so classic and timeless to me.  However it definitely packs a graphic modern punch.  Put Zebras in a small space like a powder room or walk in closet and make interior magic happen.  Much better in small doses where you can admire the tiny details, like the arrows.

Check out the movie The Royal Tenenbaums where it makes a cameo appearance.  Only I would watch a movie for wallpaper.  Anyway, check out the goods.

Massucco Warner Miller

Kate and Andy Spade’s apartment

Miles Redd

Jamie Meares

Look at that umbrella, would it not be perfect in the middle of January, on a cold gray snowy day.  A ray of classic art deco sunshine! 

Starburst Mirror Thoughts

13 Nov

In my quest to furnish and decorate the dining room I have looked at many different mirrors.  From Homegoods to Ebay to Lamps Plus I have traveled but nothing has said “Yes, I belong on your wall and will bring harmony to your space.”  Until today when I was looking at Crate and Barrel’s website for wrapping paper and found this hot little number.

I want something a little bit sparkly and glamorous and retro but not over the top.  The drum shade over the dining table is fairly simple as is the sideboard, it needs glitzy standout piece.  I talked about what my thoughts were for the dining room here.  The hunt will continue but as of now this is definitely the front runner.  Below is the inspiration pic I posted before but lets delight in it again.

via Amber Interiors

Teal and Gold

25 Aug

Today at Forever 21 (yes, I was the oldest person there) I spied a teal and gold studded bracelet. Naturally I don’t have a picture and it is not on their website.  I’ve been really into that color combination lately.  I think it stems from my Mom’s love of turquoise jewelry. She has this fantastic ring I have been obsessed with since I was five.  But even my Pinterest has quite a few pics featuring these two hues together.


Lovely aqua grasscloth wallpaper had me a hello!  Paired with a strong ornate mirror and gold chair gives it more of a masculine edge. If I had a vanity, that chair would be mine.

From Tom Ford

Again, If I had a vanity, this would be there as well.  Not to use, just for the bottle. So I can stare at it.

High Street Market blog

Love this deep dark teal, such a glamorous color!  The green faux bois rug and wing chair keep the room from being so serious.  Just a hint of gold on the chair and picture frames gives it some spark.


This is a departure from what style I usually lean toward but the colors are so striking.  Also, really liking that print in the glided frame.


Little bit of a Moroccan feel here.  That basin is beautiful against the teal walls. Loving the fuchsia accents.

From Massucco Warner Miller

More teal and gold on a chandelier no less.  When they say jewelry for your home I think this is what they mean.


Pretty floral shaped knob.  See this working on a antique dresser finished in a medium tone.


Such a cool vintage piece. Like that it still has that kind of beat up look to it.


I think this maybe one of my favorite console tables, maybe ever.  If I had a entryway that could handle such a piece it would be there in all it’s teal and gold glory.  Or it could function as a bar, hmmm.

Things to ponder while we are pounded by rain and wind this weekend.  Stay safe out there people!