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Currently Loving: Digital Prints

28 Jan

Back in December I purchased this cool print from Puffed Peonies, a digital art shop I found on Etsy.

Now I just need a trip to Ikea to pick up a frame.  Check out some other prints they have to offer.  Very simple but bold graphics and colors.  One awesome thing the artist offers is custom sizing.  Would love to see one of these blown up to a huge scale!

Finality Print

Bow Feather Print

Abstract Print

Spring Triangles Print

Peacock Print

Honeycomb Print

If I could actually talk Tim in to letting me decorate his office that Finality print would be perfect.  Yeah, that is not going to happen anytime soon.


Common Pattern

25 Jan

What do all these spaces have in common?

Hmmm, scroll down to find out.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via The

Home of Susan Becher via Lonny

via Marcus Design Blog

Nate Berkus

If you guessed this:

You be right!

The Ikea Stockholm Rand area rug has been on my radar for awhile.  It disappeared from the website for a time but now it is back and it begs to be in my office.  And at only $199 for a 5 x 7  I don’t have to sweat the price. Yes, I need it but my office floor needs it most of all. It has been decided!

Holiday Dinner Dressy Dress

14 Dec

I never really intended to talk about clothing or fashion on this here blog.  But I got a party/dinner/drinks thing next week and I have nothing to wear.  Well nothing to wear that has not been seen before.  Oh, I call this event a thing because I’m not really sure what it is going to be.  It is with my boyfriends company and they have never had a Christmas party before.  It does not help that he said it will be a surprise. But I’m not whining and asking a million questions complaining it will be fun, I like these people and I get to buy an outfitWin-win situation. Anyway, here are some choices I found onlineThere is a black cropped blazer in my closet that hopefully will be involved.

Old Navy

Emerald one of my favorite colors oh and the price is on the cheap side.

Michael Kors via Zappos

Gold sequin sparkly goodness! The cropped blazer would keep it from being over the top.

Kenzie via Zappos

Love the color and the pleating detail.

Ann Taylor Loft

Unusual color for the holidays and cut would be flattering.

Banana Republic

Again, flattering detail and color.

This is kind of the look that is in my head right now.  Only from the knees up, I will most likely pare it with black tights and velvet round toe pumps.  We shall see.  Almost certain I will closely resemble Miss Olivia, right up to the loose perfectly tossed ringlets and in manner of poising effortlesslyHa!  That necklace is sick by the way.

Realize I have not posted pics of my Christmas wrapping as promised but my phone is not letting me upload to my Flicker account. Hopefully soon.

Lovely Goods-Vintage Map

21 Nov

Happy Monday all!  I worked all nights this weekend at the job.  When I come home I’m usually wide awake so naturally I go right to the Internets.  Blog reading, Pinteresting, Etsy, it all helps me relax and unwind.  That and a glass of wine…or two, maybe more.  I think every Monday now I’m going to post something found over the weekend from my many online travels.  Most likely it will be something for the home that will not break your pocket book.  So here we go, my first lovely item for your Monday pleasure.

Antique map of Prague printed in 1903 found at Cabinet of Treasures Etsy shop. Place in a simple black frame as part of a gallery wall or in a unused wall space to create depth and interest.  The pinks, blues and greens really soften the lines.  It is actually pretty and could be used in more of a feminine space, like my office.  Yes, I think so.  Oh and it is only $16.95 less then $20!  Check out the rest of their shop chock full of vintage print goodness.

Animal Print of the Month-September

25 Sep

I live on a very tight budget, most of us do.  It is just the reality of day to day life.  People like to fantasize what would happen if they did not have said budget.  Some think about trips to the Mediterranean or taking an African safari.  However I think about all the things that could be purchased for our home.  Such as this beauty from Jayson Home.

Yes, please I believe was my first thought.  This is the perfect piece if you are so inclined to add a bit of animal print to your space.  It has simple but sexy lines that have just a hint of curve to them.  Antiqued gold iron curved lines that is. I could see this fitting into a nook in a hallway or against a wall under a large abstract.  Or even better, at the foot of a bed, the headboard would have to be upholstered and tufted of coarse.  Lets have another look shall we.

Here is the unfortunate reality of this situation-it cost $2550. Not in the near future will I be able to afford this but a lady can dream.  On Overstock this a few zebra bench options check here or here.  It will not give you the exact same look as Hadley above but the price ($179-$210) is much more wallet friendly.

Thriftshop Finds

28 Aug

I’ve never met a thrift store I didn’t like.  Not for clothes you see, but for housewares.  I love combing the shelves just searching  for that one great deal.  Picking up plates, sorting through bins, and scouring through boxes of artwork. Sometimes I walk away empty handed, leaving defeated till next time.  Then other times I come upon just what I was looking for.


This lovely lamp came from the Goodwill store in Willow Street.  I stopped in just for a quick run through.  It is one of the smaller Goodwill stores in Lancaster County.  When I was about to leave I spied the lamp base on the very bottom shelf.  It would have been missed but other customers made me veer to the right so I had a clear view of the space.

The lamp is in good condition except for the finial which is bent somewhat.  A pliers should be able to bend it back.  All it needs now is a lampshade.  Most definitely leaning toward black.  Black would be a more daring choice and it would show off the details on the base. Yes, I think black wins.  Now where to put her.  The light carnation pink background color would work perfectly in my office. Which is painted pink and needs more lighting.

I will take more pictures once I find said lamp shade.  Anyone out there have any idea where to find a black lamp shade?  I’d rather shop local then have to go online.  Where I could find one with no issue but would have the hassle with shipping and shades are not so sturdy.  Want one that has a bit of style to it, not so plain. So pretty please let me know if you have a source!

Cheap Finds-Table Lamps

15 Aug

Lighting can be pricey, believe me I know it’s crazy!  It is hard to find a good looking AND well made table lamp for under $150.  I wanted something for less than $100.  Actually closer to $50 would have been great.  Looking online this weekend compelled me to put this list together.  Funny thing is I never did secure one for myself.  Anyway, here is the list, delight in it’s cheapness. $83.99

Pretty detail and shade. I’ve seen lamps like this for around $300 $82.99

Not sure if this is available in store.  If you follow the link check out the cracked detail on the base. 49.99

Aw, Ikea the source for all things cheap and modern.  Love the pink cast to the base, would be pretty in a bedroom.

Shades of $99

I could spend hours on the Shades of Light website.  They have a well edited collection of any kind of light fixture you would need.  This lamp is a little pricey but it would make a big impact.  Could see it in a modern beach house.

Pottery Barn Teen $59

Want this bad!  Almost like a small piece of art.  I picture it in narrow entry way that just needs a bit of light.

Lamps $89.99

Classic temple jar lamps will never become dated.  Again, these usually go for much more money.  Sometimes I see these at Goodwill for less than $10, just need to be shined up a bit.

Home Decorators $59

This gourd shape is so popular right now but this website offers free shipping!  Like that. $59

This delightful piece comes from one of my favorite places for hard to find (in Lancaster County) stylish goods.  Most is going to set you back a pretty penny but this lamp is a steal for the price.

Cost Plus World Market $54.99

Another classic table lamp.  It could work in a traditional space or a more modern one.  I wish this store was closer, they have some great finds for not a lot of money.

Well, there you have it a small list of inexpensive table lamps.  I’m always on the hunt for a bargain. Contact me if you are looking for some cheap deals, I might be able to help!  Or click above on my services page.