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Office Designboard Take Two

1 Mar

Go tiny design board that won’t post any larger than the above size no matter how much resizing I do!

With that out of the way above is what I would so with my small office.  Now in reality not all could ever fit.  That gorgeous shiny gold screen would be way out of proportion and take over one whole wall.  But it definitely helped me focus my thoughts on the overall look for the space.

My walls are a bit more pink and less blushy nude than above. Pink Hibiscus 2172-60 from Benjamin Moore, a coral pink is what I have.  The walls have been painted for about 4 months now I just have been procrastinating obsessing over what direction to go in. Immediate needs are few but I reallllly want a new desk bad.  Dreaming about this from West Elm.

Metal wrapped parsons desk.  Simple and classic but I think the finish amps up the glam factor.  And I like me some glam factor.  But I was checking out 1st Dibs and came across this black antique stunner. Now I in no way can afford it but I may be able to find something similar in a thrift store.  All I would have to do is sand, paint and refinish.  I think I could do it but there would be a lot of searching and visiting local thrift shops.  Believe me I love to do just that but it took me two years to find a buffet for the dining room. But I lucked out and found the ONE for only $20 dollars.  I’m impatient, I want it now!

via 1st Dibs

via 1st Dibs

1950s Python leather Eames chair originally from the Time Life building.

via 1st Dibs

Lacquered 1940s dresser, would use this for storage.  Yes, those are brass caps on the legs and the inside drawers are lacquered in black. Shiny, Shiny

via Madeline Weinrib

Perfection via Pinterest

Arteriors Screen via Zinc Door

I love mixing modern pieces with traditional. The spoon back chair reupholstered in a polka dot fabric, that kind of reads as an animal print, is unexpected and fun. A striped purple, orange and pink turkish pillow placed on the chair brings in color and texture. Throwing a modern orb table beside the chair is not only a little crazy but it balances out the openness of the legs. Give the table a classic urn lamp and you got yourself a cozy put together little nook. Oh and that antique mirror is so good why not add four.

Later this week I will dicuess the art and accessories because I need to talk about that gem shaped lamp on the console.  So cool and it comes in a dozen colors.

Happy 1st day of March everyone!


Design Board Happenings

20 Feb


I was all set to have a big giant inspiration board ready for today’s post.  However, after several attempts this is as big as it gets people.  Remember I AM NOT a graphic designer, I just play one one this here blog.

Above is what I would do if I had a gazillion dollars to spend and could just buy from 1st dibs like it was my job.  In my mind this is what my office would look like.  All pretty, sparkly glam, modern and traditional at the same time.   Here sherbet colors and fabrics would mingle with a brass 1970’s screen and a chinoiserie table lamp can cohabitant with a burnt orange and purple velvet stripe toss pillow. Aw yeah.

  Notice my favorite discontinued Jane Churchill fabric on the antique black bench.  So perfectly wonderful in a small doses.

Despite the technical difficulties this was too much fun and I will continue to create mood/design/inspiration boards for your viewing pleasure.  Go HERE to see a larger view.

By the end of the week part two of the office will be up and ready.

Wait till you see the deck and office chair.

Postive Thoughts

22 Jan

Hi, my name is Jeannie and it has been 38 days since my last blog post.

What the what!  Looking at the calender then typing it out I did not think it was that long.  Time goes fast I need to make the most of it.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately mostly while pinning and some changes need to happen in order to get what I want. To give some background as to what I’m talking about and why I haven’t been blogging, let me explain my job. I work in retail management and during the holiday season and right after is the busiest (to say the least) time of year.  The hours are long and kind of all over the place.  So I took a break from anything other than Christmas, family and work.  Now that all the craziness is over I can get back to my regularly scheduled programing.  

As far as changes go I’m not one to make  New Years Resolutions but I would like to forge ahead with my design business this year (I wrote more about that here and here).  By forge ahead I mean stop just thinking about it and just plain do it.  I have a business plan and a lot of passion and excitement and a potential client so what is stopping me.   Not sure actually.  Procrastinating, the fear of failure, not having a steady income, time management, self doubt. You know all that negative crap that comes along with a major career change.  And I do call it negative crap because that is what it is.  All the things that hold you back from what you really want.  So this year I will push those thoughts aside (oh and the negative people that go along them) and make something happen. Holla!  I will leave you with some wise words from Steve Jobs, one of my favorite quotes and so true right now.

Pin Board

10 Nov

A quick update on the office inspiration board situation.  All the images I have had torn out are now lovingly arranged on my board.  I had quite a good time putting this together.  Takes me back to elementary school when we would create collages in art class.  I wonder if my mom kept any of those masterpieces.

Looking at the board I definitely see a pattern, color wise anyway.  Many of the pages feature a light airy blue which I have been wanted to add to our bedroom for awhile now.  If you have read any of this blog you know I have quite a few projects in the works so that will have to wait till later.  In the meantime I will enjoy my pin board.  There are many many cut outs from design magazines left over, this is just a small portion.  Maybe another board is in my future perhaps.


5 Nov

Hello, I finally joined Bloglovin!  If you are not familiar with them, it is a website where you an keep track of all the blogs you read each day!  Kind of like a reader but the style and graphics are much much better.  Anyway, click the link below to follow along!

<a href=”Follow my blog with Bloglovin“>BLOGLOVIN!

Little Things

23 Jul

Some inspiring words for the weekend! My full time  job has kept me busy this week and I have not been able to post as much as I would like.  Above my desk I have a small print of the above poster.  It seems silly but it means a lot to me right now, keeps me focused.  Hope you enjoy!


21 Jul

Well, after much unnecessary stress on my part.  The logo and business cards are finalized and ready.  Totally blaming Photoshop,  a slow internet connection, and the Avery business card program for this not my lack of graphic design skills.  I wanted something clean and simple but stylish as well.  It went through maybe 5 different changes in the last two weeks.  From a handwritten style font in black, gray and emerald  to cobalt blue and gray.  I feel all materials, such as business cards, and the overall look need to be cohesive and pulled together.  At the moment, I have no dollars to hire a professional graphic designer so I did it DIY style.

There you have it, the brand spanking new logo for Amesbury Road Interiors!

It was actually inspired by a fabric I spied online somewhere.  An eggplant, fuchsia, chocolate, and orange suzani, aw it was magnificent fabric magic.  Now of course the fabric is nowhere to be found, but mark my words I will find her again.  I think it is a feminine look but the deep purple give it more masculine feel.  Also, the font is girly with the curve on the S’s   and R’s however the overall look is kind of sharp.  Tell me what you think, I would love some feedback.

I have my business card and logo pined up on my soon to be linen covered cork board.  It gives me a little dose of inspiration while at my desk.  Silly but keeps me focused.  Thanks for reading.