A Cool and Collected California Home

9 Oct

Wow I haven’t blogged in quite some time. Two years if you want to be all specific about it. Anyway, I guess the best way to start is to just jump right back in.


This space has been on my mind since it was published in Elle Decor….8 months ago. When I say space I really mean this crazy awesome home designed by Rita Konig and architect Gill Schafer. There are not enough adjectives in the English language to express my feelings on this project. It’s that good and includes everything I love from botanical wallpaper to vintage rattan furniture to a painted brick facade. Do I have a house crush? Probably.

The property was actually a YMCA camp in the 1880’s and it still has that kind of eclectic vibe.  Konig and the super hip couple who purchased the land certainly kept that feel in mind with the overall design and details. Details like reclaimed wood floorboards that were spaced as if they were there 100 years, quirky oil portraits, hand blown windows and a vintage trunk reposed as an outdoor cocktail table. The whole home has the air of a laid back vacation retreat not a formal residence. I think I am so drawn to this particular project because there ARE so many layers. Obviously much love and care went into the whole selection process. Check it out.


I said botanical wallpaper and I delivered. Love this paper by Pierre Frey. Check out his website such good stuff. Back to the above pic please look at the brass window hardware. Again another rich detail that makes the space.


Pretty room of pretty. Quite and soft yet so much character.


Konig knows the way to my heart. Rich hunter green paint (Emery & Cie’s Vermoulu 6) with a killer galley wall and white-painted floor. Look at the corner bookcase and library light please and thank you.


I want to drink here. Love a dark and moody bar area. This will be the pre dinner cocktail spot.


And this will be the after dinner nightcap spot. That ivy detail with the vintage painting just kills me every single time. Such a cozy collected space.

Photos by Eric Piasecki /Source:Elle Decor


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