Animal Print of the Month-January

27 Jan

I’m totally ready for Spring to be here. In PA The sun has not peaked out for daysIt makes me want to hibernate in our bedroom and not come out till mid March when there is hope at last that Winter will  soon be over.

However, if I had the space below it would not be so bad.  Scroll down there is leopard print carpet to be had!

via originally published by Veranda Magazine

 This lovely bedroom space was designed by the most excellent Miles Redd.  Minty De Gournay wallpaper is pretty, glamorous and elegant, really just fricking amazing.  All that intricate detail.  Then he goes and mixes in leopard print Stark carpet, bold yellow table lamps and boxy mirrored side tables.  Love it, very ladylike but the harder textures give it an edge.

I have to admit I’m not over the whole mirrored furniture trend, by the way.  When it is done unexpectedly and it is just one interesting piece.  This is more modern and sexy not the frenchy look that is everywhere. 

I think I could hang out here till March with no problem.  Oh that is when Mad Men returns and about time too.  It would not be so bad watching the premiere with that carpet underfoot!


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