Postive Thoughts

22 Jan

Hi, my name is Jeannie and it has been 38 days since my last blog post.

What the what!  Looking at the calender then typing it out I did not think it was that long.  Time goes fast I need to make the most of it.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately mostly while pinning and some changes need to happen in order to get what I want. To give some background as to what I’m talking about and why I haven’t been blogging, let me explain my job. I work in retail management and during the holiday season and right after is the busiest (to say the least) time of year.  The hours are long and kind of all over the place.  So I took a break from anything other than Christmas, family and work.  Now that all the craziness is over I can get back to my regularly scheduled programing.  

As far as changes go I’m not one to make  New Years Resolutions but I would like to forge ahead with my design business this year (I wrote more about that here and here).  By forge ahead I mean stop just thinking about it and just plain do it.  I have a business plan and a lot of passion and excitement and a potential client so what is stopping me.   Not sure actually.  Procrastinating, the fear of failure, not having a steady income, time management, self doubt. You know all that negative crap that comes along with a major career change.  And I do call it negative crap because that is what it is.  All the things that hold you back from what you really want.  So this year I will push those thoughts aside (oh and the negative people that go along them) and make something happen. Holla!  I will leave you with some wise words from Steve Jobs, one of my favorite quotes and so true right now.


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