High Street Market

14 Nov

I am a HUGE fan of interior design blogs…actually blogging in general rocks!  It is what inspired me to go back to interior design after being away for awhile.  So when a blogger I love opens an awesome online store I have to post about it.  High Street Market has long been a favorite blog of mine.  Kelly, the author is an interior designer from Philadelphia by way of California, go local bloggers!  Well, local by an hour or so…by train.  I love reading her posts about the challenges of fixing up an 120 year old farmhouse.  In addition to her design business and home remodel projects she also runs an Etsy shop selling a carefully curated selection of vintage goods.  And they are soooo very good.  Well, this morning she launched her new online store which is like the original shop but kicked up a notch!  Let’s take a look shall we.

Go check it out!  Some of the items have already sold out such as the map print above. I have my little eye on the mirror below.  It is another consideration for above the sideboard but it may be to heavy a piece.  Hmmm, we shall see.


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