Graphic Area Rugs

3 Oct

Lately I have been obsessing over geometric print area rugs.  Yes, this is what I think about while I’m doing fun chores like folding laundry or loading the dishwasher.  I always loved strong graphic elements in a interior space.  Especially when everything else is kept simple and clean. Or when the graphic detail is a neutral such as black and white then the rest of the space has a lot of saturated color.  Here are some pictures to demonstrate what I be saying.  There may be some Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler in the mix, so get ready!

From Bazaar of Serendipity Blog

I could go on about this space and it probably deserves a post all it’s own but right now we shall stick to the rug.  Love how it has a large scale pattern but does not take away from all the other aspects of the space.  The rug acts as a neutral because the pattern is more open, less tight.  Unlike the wallpaper which has more detail going on.

From Bazaar of Serendipity

 This is another space that has quite a bit of saturated color but fabrics are all solid.  The rug provides that one strong graphic element.  My eye still roams around the room it does not focus on just the rug.

Kelly Wearstler

Told you there would be some Wearstler magic in this post.  Again, crazy geometric on the floor, everything else is solid.  But the lines are curvy, graphic and dare I say kind of sexy.  Everything flows together so well.  Check out behind the bar the niches where the alcohol is kept…the detail just kill me.

from La Dolce Vita blog

Same rug as in the second picture.  One of my favorite spaces maybe ever. Delight in it.

Mary McDonald

Navy, pink and white with a little bit of gold.  The rug breaks up all the dark color.

Christina Murry

Jonathan Adlar

Again, I promised and I delivered.  Super bright color and detail but the rug is the one bold pattern.  Feel like this picture is completely responsible for the chevron trend.  Which I have absolutely no issue with at all.

from Little Green Notebook blog

This is such a pretty space.  Love the wall color and chandelier.  This is more traditional then the other spaces above but shows a graphic rug does not need to be super modern.

by Pulp Design Studios

I am in love with trug by Missoni such warm fall colors!  Like that the rug really is the only pattern in the room.

From Little Green Notebook blog

I think this rug is actually from Ikea which is a great place for more affordable modern area rugs.  Also, is another cheap option and they have tons of choices.  You could get lost on the site with all their area rug goodness, check it out!


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