Animal Print of the Month-September

25 Sep

I live on a very tight budget, most of us do.  It is just the reality of day to day life.  People like to fantasize what would happen if they did not have said budget.  Some think about trips to the Mediterranean or taking an African safari.  However I think about all the things that could be purchased for our home.  Such as this beauty from Jayson Home.

Yes, please I believe was my first thought.  This is the perfect piece if you are so inclined to add a bit of animal print to your space.  It has simple but sexy lines that have just a hint of curve to them.  Antiqued gold iron curved lines that is. I could see this fitting into a nook in a hallway or against a wall under a large abstract.  Or even better, at the foot of a bed, the headboard would have to be upholstered and tufted of coarse.  Lets have another look shall we.

Here is the unfortunate reality of this situation-it cost $2550. Not in the near future will I be able to afford this but a lady can dream.  On Overstock this a few zebra bench options check here or here.  It will not give you the exact same look as Hadley above but the price ($179-$210) is much more wallet friendly.


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