So Close Yet So Very Far

24 Sep

Have you ever been obsessed with a fabric, wallpaper or color that you spend countless minutes on Pinterest and the internet trying to find it?  If your a fabric junky like me you do!  A few months ago I saw this pattern a website (naturally I did not bookmark it) and after that I could not stop thinking about it.  Like having a unattainable crush on a boy.

Well low and behold I was reading and quite enjoying a new to me blog Bazaar of Serendipity and there was a pic of the fabric!  I commented on the post, the lovely author wrote back the fabric is Rossini by Jane Churchill and…….it is discontinued.  Story of my life people!   Anyway, she suggested going on Ebay.  So that is what I am going to do.  Hopefully, it is turn up I only need a yard or less for chair seats in my pink office.

via Full House Blog

Design by Ruthie Sommers

So that is a goal-to search for this fabric along with the many other projects I wish to achieve.  On another note I have not been blogging much lately my full time job has been keeping me very busy and the hours are erratic.  Also, both my boyfriend and my families have had some serious medical issues in the past few weeks.  At this point it looks like everyone is getting better and on the road to recovery.  There for awhile every time the phone rang we were dreading what the news would be.  But as I said things are starting turning around.  This weekend is for blogging, planning posts for the coming week…and the September Animal Print of the Month!  My favorite.


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