Teal and Gold

25 Aug

Today at Forever 21 (yes, I was the oldest person there) I spied a teal and gold studded bracelet. Naturally I don’t have a picture and it is not on their website.  I’ve been really into that color combination lately.  I think it stems from my Mom’s love of turquoise jewelry. She has this fantastic ring I have been obsessed with since I was five.  But even my Pinterest has quite a few pics featuring these two hues together.

Inspire Bohemia.blogspot.com

Lovely aqua grasscloth wallpaper had me a hello!  Paired with a strong ornate mirror and gold chair gives it more of a masculine edge. If I had a vanity, that chair would be mine.

From Tom Ford

Again, If I had a vanity, this would be there as well.  Not to use, just for the bottle. So I can stare at it.

High Street Market blog

Love this deep dark teal, such a glamorous color!  The green faux bois rug and wing chair keep the room from being so serious.  Just a hint of gold on the chair and picture frames gives it some spark.


This is a departure from what style I usually lean toward but the colors are so striking.  Also, really liking that print in the glided frame.


Little bit of a Moroccan feel here.  That basin is beautiful against the teal walls. Loving the fuchsia accents.

From Massucco Warner Miller

More teal and gold on a chandelier no less.  When they say jewelry for your home I think this is what they mean.


Pretty floral shaped knob.  See this working on a antique dresser finished in a medium tone.


Such a cool vintage piece. Like that it still has that kind of beat up look to it.


I think this maybe one of my favorite console tables, maybe ever.  If I had a entryway that could handle such a piece it would be there in all it’s teal and gold glory.  Or it could function as a bar, hmmm.

Things to ponder while we are pounded by rain and wind this weekend.  Stay safe out there people!


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