Cheap Finds-Table Lamps

15 Aug

Lighting can be pricey, believe me I know it’s crazy!  It is hard to find a good looking AND well made table lamp for under $150.  I wanted something for less than $100.  Actually closer to $50 would have been great.  Looking online this weekend compelled me to put this list together.  Funny thing is I never did secure one for myself.  Anyway, here is the list, delight in it’s cheapness. $83.99

Pretty detail and shade. I’ve seen lamps like this for around $300 $82.99

Not sure if this is available in store.  If you follow the link check out the cracked detail on the base. 49.99

Aw, Ikea the source for all things cheap and modern.  Love the pink cast to the base, would be pretty in a bedroom.

Shades of $99

I could spend hours on the Shades of Light website.  They have a well edited collection of any kind of light fixture you would need.  This lamp is a little pricey but it would make a big impact.  Could see it in a modern beach house.

Pottery Barn Teen $59

Want this bad!  Almost like a small piece of art.  I picture it in narrow entry way that just needs a bit of light.

Lamps $89.99

Classic temple jar lamps will never become dated.  Again, these usually go for much more money.  Sometimes I see these at Goodwill for less than $10, just need to be shined up a bit.

Home Decorators $59

This gourd shape is so popular right now but this website offers free shipping!  Like that. $59

This delightful piece comes from one of my favorite places for hard to find (in Lancaster County) stylish goods.  Most is going to set you back a pretty penny but this lamp is a steal for the price.

Cost Plus World Market $54.99

Another classic table lamp.  It could work in a traditional space or a more modern one.  I wish this store was closer, they have some great finds for not a lot of money.

Well, there you have it a small list of inexpensive table lamps.  I’m always on the hunt for a bargain. Contact me if you are looking for some cheap deals, I might be able to help!  Or click above on my services page.


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