Animal Print of the Month-August

13 Aug

So I have been thinking  about my office pin board lately.  Do I want to cover it in cream colored linen or do I want to go the complete opposite and chose a crazy pattern.  I have to consider that it will be filled with notes and pictures so I don’t want them to get lost in a sea of pattern.  Or maybe I should just finish the other 5 house project that are going on.  That would be the best plan but let me show you what made me think of pattern.

via The

This wallpaper kills me!  Rich and dramatic but not overwhelming.  It would be dark but I can see it making a small space feel larger due to it’s vertical lines.  The pin board is in the same pattern as to not break up the overall look, smart thinking.

Let’s move to the desk. Emerald green is the perfect color. Creates a sharp contrast against the neutral wall (yes, friends leopard is a neutral) and it suits the style and lines of the desk.  I imagine it was a heavy dark wood tone in it’s former life. Green keeps it from being to stiff, so much more playful.  Also, liking the jute area rug.  Very relaxed and casual.  Oh and another thing, did you spy the red ribbon trim along the base board. Tiny details make such a difference. Love it!

Thanks for reading my second installment of Animal Print of the Month!  I think I will definitely make this a monthly series.  Now off to Home Depot for there are projects to finish. Happy weekend!


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