Currently Loving: Digital Gallery

4 Aug

Has anyone heard of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery?  Well, if you haven’t let me introduce you.  It is a collection of over 700,000 images from the New York Public Library.  Everything from historical maps, sheet music, rare photographs, architectural drawings, play books and the list goes on and on.  Sounds great, right.  The part that is amazing is that you can print the images out right in your own home.  Oh and they are Free And Open To The Public!  Also, gallery prints in various sizes are available to purchase.  For example, a 30″ print framed would be $374.  Unframed would cost $124. Not a bad price. As an added bonus, you can crop the images to your liking!

This is one of the most cost effective ways to get original art for your home.  All you would pay for is the paper and frame.  If you want a series for your wall the site is perfect. It includes  pages from the same book to print out.  Such as these lovely botanical illustrations.


Lets take a look at some more of their offerings.


I printed this one out myself, the detail is crazy and the paper actually looked aged.

This would be excellent in an office or library area surrounded by old books and antiques.

More vintage map goodness.

Love the colors of this.  Would look awesome over-sized on a wall.  Similar to what Courtney Cox did in her home shown is the last issue of Elle Decor.


Beautiful, in a simple black or wood frame.  Completes me a little.


Remember all of the above images can be printed out free of charge!  When you do click on the site give yourself a lot of time, there is much to see!  I don’t have links to each picture above.  If something catches your eye email me and I can try to find it!  Have fun searching and happy printing.


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