Dining Room Thoughts

31 Jul

With all this talk about Nancy and what to do with her I thought I would share some ideas for the space itself.  Remember it is a work in progress so no judging the empty, sad, devoid of life room.

Before you say anything…yes that rod will be moved closer to the ceiling.

Picture hardwood floors possibly in cork not sadface wall to wall carpet.

Like I said a work in progress.  Notice the squares of paint on the wall, me testing out some paint color.  Anyway, the wall on the right is where Nancy is to be placed along with two side chairs for when we have extra company.  During most of the day the dining room is the darkest area of the house.  One of my goals for the space is to make it feel lighter.  One way to do this would be to add a mirror above Nancy to reflect light that comes in from the far window.  Also, this would give an illusion of more space, at least a little.  Another idea I had was to wallpaper just that far wall.  I love how wallpaper can add architectural interest to a room.  I’m envisioning something that has a white or cream background with gold or bronze pattern.  This is not till further down the road right now everything will be painted the same color.  Here are some pics that illustrate what I’m thinking .

via Amber Interior Design

This space captures exactly what was in my head right down to the wallpaper!  I would probably choose a bigger mirror however the finish and shape is spot on.  Something round would break up the boxyness of the room.  It definitely makes me consider stain instead of paint for Nancy.

via Plentyofpretty.tumblr.com

Here is the argument for white.  This is fresh and clean and open.  I am obsessed with Imperial Trellis wallpaper.  When I first started reading design blogs it was everywhere.  I kind of thought of it as a trend and did not pay much attention.  However it started to grow on me in a big way. I’m not really considering it for this project but our laundry room is a different story!

Designed by Palmer Weiss via Marcus Design Blog

In the words of Rachel Zoe….I die.  Ba-na-nas!  Totally love this room.  It has a Palm Beach regency feel but the placement of the furniture is very traditional and symmetrical.  That mirror such a pretty shape but the finish is super strong.  It maybe to big for my little ol dining room but it completes me none the less.  I bet it would reflect light like no one’s business.

Design by Palmer Weiss via Marcus Design Blog

Another view shall we. Funny thing about this room is, it is adjacent a living room I’ve always loved.  In the picture(of the room I loved) you can see this dining space.  I used to wonder what was going on back there, now I know.

This is the picture I was referring to above,  just kills me!

Well, there you have it some ideas on what is in store for Miss Nancy and our dining room.  Stay tuned for the next chapter.  Cheers to all!


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