21 Jul

Well, after much unnecessary stress on my part.  The logo and business cards are finalized and ready.  Totally blaming Photoshop,  a slow internet connection, and the Avery business card program for this not my lack of graphic design skills.  I wanted something clean and simple but stylish as well.  It went through maybe 5 different changes in the last two weeks.  From a handwritten style font in black, gray and emerald  to cobalt blue and gray.  I feel all materials, such as business cards, and the overall look need to be cohesive and pulled together.  At the moment, I have no dollars to hire a professional graphic designer so I did it DIY style.

There you have it, the brand spanking new logo for Amesbury Road Interiors!

It was actually inspired by a fabric I spied online somewhere.  An eggplant, fuchsia, chocolate, and orange suzani, aw it was magnificent fabric magic.  Now of course the fabric is nowhere to be found, but mark my words I will find her again.  I think it is a feminine look but the deep purple give it more masculine feel.  Also, the font is girly with the curve on the S’s   and R’s however the overall look is kind of sharp.  Tell me what you think, I would love some feedback.

I have my business card and logo pined up on my soon to be linen covered cork board.  It gives me a little dose of inspiration while at my desk.  Silly but keeps me focused.  Thanks for reading.


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