Animal Print of the Month

15 Jul

Hello again, I’m going to introduce my very first blog series. Okay get ready people-Animal Print of the Month!  I love animal prints.  Every room can benefit from a bit of leopard, zebra, or snakeskin.  Animal prints have a lot of character and can give even the most subtle space a bit of glam.  Yet they don’t take away from the overall look.  However if you took  the print away it would most definitively be missed.

This month Veranda and House Beautiful magazine both featured spaces that had the same leopard throw pillow fabric.  It is Sabu Chintz by Rose Cumming. In House Beautiful Nick Olsen, one of my very very favorite designers, used a bit of it on a throw pillow.

This apartment is a tiny 295 square feet and the furnishing and decor are proportioned beautifully.  Just magical. Run and purchase the newest House and Garden!  I would love to devote a whole post this space, but so many blogs already have.  Back to the leopard print, a little makes a big impact and brings in more of the emerald color from the trim.  How many animal prints do you see in emerald, black, and white. Delightful, I must say.

Designer Andrew Raquet used it in a more traditional setting. Love it with the suzani  pillows and map prints on the wall!  I could not find the exact pic from Veranda, go to the store and buy it now.  This one does not do it justice.

Here it is, I have a pink office and a desk chair that needs an upgrade need I say more

And here it is again, the one one the bottom kills me.

These are the only images I could find, unfortunately.  The fabric is only available to the trade and you have to contact the company for a quote.  Hopefully, in the near future I will be able to do just that!  Happy weekend every one!



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