Currently Loving: Luke Irwin Rugs

11 Jul

In my mind I said when I started this blog I would only feature items that would be attainable to all.  Not just for the super-duper wealthy.  I truly believe that a well designed home does not need to cost a fortune.  You can use what you already own, pieces from Craigslist or yard sales, Ikea and Homegoods.  With that said every so often I find things or companies that are really awesome or inspiring that I would like to share.  Here is what I found while pursuing the new issue of Lonny Magazine last night.  Which was most excellent by the way.

On page 42 is a small piece on Luke Irwin Rugs.  Their rugs  feature everything from ikats to ducks to crop circles.  They are unique, statement  making but quite at the same time.  The geometric patterns are graphic and eye popping but won’t make you feel crazy.  Ikats lets talk about the ikats!  They are bold, colorful, full of ikaty goodness. Even the neutrals are exciting.  Yet they are subtle and would not overwhelm a space. Luke Irwin states on the website that “the rug should almost be the last thing you notice when entering a room, slightly providing a basis for the harmony of the scheme“.  I feel personally that their rugs achieve that.

Another aspect is that all the rugs are bespoke or custom.  From the size, shape, color, weave, texture and design itself.  Wool, silk, or cashmere.  What would you choose?!  You can go in with an idea and they will make it custom, just for you.  All of their pieces are handmade in the foothills of the Himalayas.  Not many companies take that kind of care to create their rugs.  Okay so now we get to the good stuff, the pictures.  Feast your eyes, people!

The last one Pink Ayippa Grass I think may be my favorite. Love it!  Thanks for reading, visit Luke  for more and better pictures.  These I have to say do not do them justice!

 PS-I updated the services and about pages above!


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