To Create a Plate Wall

4 Jul

A quick warning before we proceed: BAD smart phone pics ahead!  Okay, good that is out of the way.  I need to invest in a good camera.  Especially since I have this blog and want to post pretty high quality pictures or learn how to use Photoshop.

Anyway, before I go into how to hang a plate wall (promised from last above post)let me first explain the kitchen wall situation.  We live in a fairly typical split level built sometime in the early 1970’s.  Not my dream home but I have grown to love it.  Most come with a outdated kitchen that is not suitable for the way people live  today.  Previous owners  updated the kitchen extensively.  Lucky for us.  However, there are still a million things I want to change.   The wall to the right has a  counter which I believe the former owners have used as a snack bar.  The wall above it is fairly expansive.  Before  there were two pieces of art I purchased hastily at Ikea after I took over moved in.

Are you still reading, this is getting really long winded. Right about now I would post pics of what was hanging in that space long ago.  When Tim (that is my man friend’s name) lived alone, before I graced him with my presence.   But, alas no pictures.  It involves a shirtless George Contanza. This in a kitchen mind you……I can’t make this stuff up.

I wanted something that would bring dimension to the space but would soften the area as well.  Our kitchen is very boxy.  And I have an addiction to dinnerware.  Awhile ago I purchased plates at Target, from John Derian’s second line for them.  Not wanting to actually use them, voila the plate wall idea was born.  Here we go, bad phone pics and a tutorial.

First-Decide on your plates

Second-Trace outline of your plates on paper and cut out.  It does not need to be perfect

Third-Write on cut out which plate is which. This helps if you have plates that are the same size.

Fourth-Tape cut out templates to the wall till you get an arrangement that you like. I wanted a more random look but wanted the plates to be evenly spaced.

Place two hanging strips on back center top.  I used Command Damage-Free Hanging strips 18″ x 24″ medium size.   Purchased at Home Depot for less than $4.  Love them, no damage if you mess up (which I was afraid of) just pull the bottom tab down to remove.  On plate above I used four strips layered on top on one another.  Due to the fact the plate bottom was deeper than the others.

Make light pencil marks around the plate templates as you hang.  Remove the template, place plate inside pencil marks.  Press plate firmly to wall for 3o seconds and release.  Keep going till you have all plates hung.

There you have it a plate wall tutorial.  As I find plates I like I will add more to the wall.  There are different, more technical ways to create and hang a plate wall.  I hung mine the above way to save on time and cost.  Here is a fun video from Design*Sponge on hanging a plate wall. Just click right here.  If you made it this far I commend you patience.  Much appreciated!  Till next time.


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